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Doctor Sees Fat Flying Off Body

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Here’s some comments from a top brain longevity expert about fat burning exercise – what works and what doesn’t. I think you’ll like it.


“I have been an active person all my life. I’ve played baseball, football, and tennis. I’ve also been a gym rat working out as much as I could.

I’m now 65 and am very surprised that as I’ve gotten older it takes so much more work to barely keep up with my fitness and to lose weight is virtually impossible.

That is to say until I discovered your The Fastest Way Humanly Possible To Burn Fat.

As you know, I am a physician and an expert in holistic medicine.

I have attended lectures by some of the leading authorities on the type of exercise you reveal in your program.

When I tried to implement their ideas what I got was fatigued, short of breath, and muscle soreness. It was quite discouraging.

Because I respect your work and have found success with your other products and services, I decided to give this program a try.

Thank you for making it so easy.

It’s great! It really works. I love the “Cheeta concept” and for the first time I actually “Got it.”

The way you present it makes total sense.

I tell you something else. I enjoy the whole DVD set but I got enough in the first 10 minutes to get the job done.

You have done a remarkable job of presenting the best program I’ve ever seen on exercising for success.

I mean to say, “Why waste time.” Do it the Furey way and be happy with the fastest results you can possibly imagine.

In my view this program is perfect for younger men and older guys like me.

I can literally feel and see the fat fly off my body.

So thanks a lot. I’ve never written a testimonial before to anyone for anything so you can see how highly I regard this program.

Plus I’d like to offer it to my list.

Best of Blessings,

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

P.S. My lovely Italian wife likes the results too. She thinks I’m a lot sexier now. Nice.”

MJF: Thanks Dr. Dharma. Your words mean a lot – especially when you’re not one to toss around praise. Tell your wife she’s a lucky woman.

Get your copy of The Fastest Way Humanly Possible To Burn Fat now.


Matt Furey

Home Run Stretches

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

A couple weeks ago I wrote about a group of 10-year old baseball players I began working with. In one session I had six of them touching their toes who had never done so before.

Well, since then the story has gotten much better.

Last night, one of the players who religiously does my exercises on a daily basis, blasted his first home run over the fence in an all-star game.

Now, this is significant for many reasons. And perhaps the main reason is that this young man wasn’t even hitting the ball deep until a couple weeks ago.

Three nights ago I was talking to my son about him. “I guarantee you that Ethan is doing the exercises I teach when he’s at home,” I said.  “He’s not just doing them when I work with the team once a week.”

“How do you know,” my son asked.

“I know,” I said. “I can tell who does them and who doesn’t just by watching the way they move compared to before.”

Well, the night before last I was talking to Ethan’s mother while batting practice was going on. I began to rave about how well her son is hitting the ball. She lit up and told me how he gets up in the morning, on his own, pulls out a mat and begin stretching and doing other exercises I taught.

“Everyday,” I asked.

“Everyday,” she said. “Without fail. On his own. No one is even telling him to do this.”

“I knew it,” I smiled. “And I can tell you he’s the only one on the team who IS doing them everyday.”

“Really,” she said. “How can you tell.”

“All I have to do is watch him move and I know. He’s much more powerful and dynamic than he was before.”

Thus far two boys have hit home runs over the fence for this team – my son being the first.

I predict more will follow very soon if they do what Ethan and my son are doing, i.e. the dynamic stretches in my Combat Stretching program.

So you know, dynamic flexibility training is not getting into a static position, stretching and holding. That type of stretching is also good – but being able to be flexible AS you move is what most people need first.

That’s why the DVD on Dynamic Stretching alone is well worth the amount for the entire series.

Get up each morning and start your day with these stretches and your health, overall sense of well-being and personal power will make a leap for the better.

In your own way, you’ll start knocking home runs as well.

Be sure to get a copy of Combat Stretching NOW – along with all the great bonus items for those who know how to move fast.


Matt Furey

How to Fix a Sluggish Thyroid

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

A surprising number of Americans are running around with undiagnosed thyroid disorders. Some estimates put the figure in the tens of millions.

What’s more, 59 different diseases, including heart disease, are now linked to the thyroid gland not functioning properly. It’s not just about a sluggish metabolism anymore.

In my study of Chinese martial arts and chi kung, treating an under-active thyroid with exercise isn’t very difficult at all. In fact, one of the exercises I teach in The Combat Conditioning  System, helps regulate the thyroid gland in a major way – and another runs close behind.

The main exercise for the thyroid also simultaneously strengthens your back, neck, buttocks, hips, legs and abs. It also helps to regulate your nervous system and increase blood flow to the brain (something dearly needed in today’s dementia prone age).

Almost anyone who performs the main exercise feels better instantly because it calms you down while strengthening your body. Although I’ve never taught it as the “the ultimate fat burner” – many people swear by it for that reason.

The second exercise runs closely behind. It also helps balance the thyroid while strengthening your torso, core and spine.

Both exercises are part of The Royal Court in The Combat Conditioning System – a program that has helped men and women in more than 140 countries get super fit.

At the present you can get The Combat Conditioning System for a virtual steal. But you’ve got to be one of the next 200 people to respond to the current offer.

Go here now and read all about it.


Matt Furey

P.S. This is the coolest offer I have ever made for The Combat Conditioning System. Jump on it NOW.

Weiner’s Big Papi

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Just returned from a few fun-filled days in New York City, wherein I  attendeda Yankees v. Red Sox game with my son and several friends, dined at MickeyMantle’s, ran hill sprints in Central Park and got to meet the legendary Yogi Berra at his museum in New Jersey.

As event-filled and awesome as all these activities were, very little caught myeye as much as the headlines of the New York Post. Man, they sure know howto grab attention.

Headlines on the political front were very one-sided and partisan:



Typically I don’t read the political front page (or any others) as I don’t believe very much of it is true.

Same goes for the daily schnews on tee-vee.

Since childhood I’ve always relied on sports to deliver something factual,something verifiable.

Well, in New York, if you’re looking for truth in sports, you’ll get more than you’d like to hear. Every move these high-paid superstars make is scrutinized and roasted – just like a little weiner.

Take the Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, aka Big Papi, as an example. The Yankees fans and media are livid because A.J. Burnett didn’t throw the ball at Big Papi’s head after Red Sox pitchers hit Yankees’ batters more than once.

Sports headlines read… “Burnett Lets Big Papi Stand Tall.”

The anger of Yankees’ fans escalated in last night’s game, when Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett nailed a couple more hitters early on. At this point, even MLB announcer Bob Costas wonders out loud, on television, why the limp Yankees won’t retaliate.

A friend of mine said it this way, “The Rays manager Joe Maddon gets the maximum out of mostly average players while Yankees manager Joe Girardi gets
the least out of bunch of over-paid underachievers.”

As for watching the Yankees play LIVE, one good takeaway from the game was seeing 1st baseman Mark Texeira doing a couple of the stretches I teach in Combat Stretching. For a big guy, he’s very flexible. And with a trainer at his side, pushing for a little bit more, he’s doing great.

Could he go further in his stretches with advice from the Fure-cat. Of course.

More importantly, so can YOU.

That’s why I always recommend Combat Stretching to any athlete or urban warrior who wants to get the maximum from his or her body.

Get the most out of yourself in the least amount of time. Get Combat Stretching today and see your flexibility and strength sky-rocket.


Matt Furey

Weird Stretching Technique Gives You Power

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Believe it or not, if you can’t touch your toes without straining your back, you’re not alone. And as much as you may think your condition is “age related” – you may want to re-think that notion.

Here’s why: Two weeks ago, I worked with a group of 10-year old baseball players playing at the “elite” level. Six of these 10-year old boys, although superior athletes, could not touch their toes. Neither could the 40-year old coaches who were training them.

When I was asked to teach the group, chances are that everyone figured I’d be covering the same old stretches that everyone else thinks of as “the way.” I assure you there was nothing normal or routine about the exercises I showed the young men.

We started with their feet and ankles, then moved on to their knees, then their hips.

“Once your joints are loose,” I said, “the muscles are a lot easier to move.

10 minutes later, all six of the boys who had never touched their toes were easily doing so. To say they were in awe would be an understatement.

Al Sears, M.D., an advocate of my Combat Stretching program says, “Perhaps you’ve been led to believe that stiffness is a part of aging. But flexibility has little to do with how old you are. Many of my patients complain of muscle aches and pains, and they range from young adults to middle-aged men to seniors.”

In Combat Stretching, I teach a unique series of joint loosening, functional exercises I learned en route to winning a world title in kung fu.

The stretches I teach you will enhance your flexibility, as well as:

• give you more energy and stamina

• loosen and strengthen your core

• realign your spine

• help stop back pain

• stimulate your internal organs

• give you powerful, durable shoulders, arms, hips and legs

Combat Stretching is being used by elite athletes all over the world to maintain their strength and flexibility and prevent injuries. Typically, when people see my short, stocky frame, they assume I’m stick and muscle-bound. But let me tell you, there ain’t many 48-year olds who can move the way I do.

Even so, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to use my program and get results that’ll shock your neighbors. And you’ll feel the benefits of this unique type of stretching right away, no matter what your age or background.

Click here to find out more.


Matt Furey

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