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53 Pounds Fall Off Man’s Belly

Monday, April 24th, 2017

Here’s a little story about a man named Dale,
First time I saw him, he’s big as a killer whale.

I made not one single mention about his big ole belly,
Or how much he loved to drink beer and slam jelly.

Then one day he yells and calls out to me,
Yo, Furey-cat, here’s someone you gotta see.

I did a double-take as I turned round and round,
I recognized the voice, but the body skipped town.

“It’s me. It’s me. Look here you stupid ass,
Forgive my cursing, you know I’m from Mass.”

Big Dale?

It’s me,
Can’t you see?

What the hell happened to you?
Did you fight a silverback at the Orlando zoo?

Haha, Fureycat, you’re always so charming.
Can’t you tell, I’ve been eating different farming?

I definitely see a big difference, that’s a fact, my friend,
But there’s no way in hell you didn’t move your rear end.

Right on, per usual, you’re definitely above smoking pot.
I gave up beer and starches, then did hundreds of Hindu squats.

Congratulations, my friend, you’re now an elite member,
of the Furey Faithful group, from now through December.

In fact, I believe your journey is so darn compelling,
I’m betting your story will do most of the selling.

Whatever I can do to help spread your message,
Just promise me now you’ll spare the old adage.

I’m 50 years young, I’m not over the hill,
Helping your members will be a great thrill.

I’ll tell them, when they train with the Furey-cat,
they can truly expect to lose their unwanted fat.

The first time you saw me – you saw a big whale.
Now, I’m so grateful – when you see me as … Dale.

*The above poem written by Ma Tai – the alter ego of Matt Furey, best-selling author of Combat Conditioning and many other books on fitness, martial arts and self-image psychology.

Enroll in the Furey Faithful and follow the truly life-changing system that is working for Dale and so many others.

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