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Do the Thing You Fear

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

I don’t usually think about such things until after the fact –

but for someone who used to be terrified of flying – I picked

one helluva a way to overcome my fear.

Several years ago I chose to invest in a vacation home on

China’s Hainan Island.

By air it takes 22 hours – and that does NOT include transition

time from one airport to the next. There is usually a layover

of 3-4 hours in Los Angeles. Then, I usually stay a day or so

in Shanghai or Beijing before making the final leg of the flight

to Hainan.

“Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain,” was a

saying I learned moons ago – and it’s true. Sure, I could stay home,

never fly anywhere and try to convince myself that my fear had been

overcome – but tis not my definition of conquering something.

To conquer you get into the arena – you DO what you fear doing.

You overcome by exposure to the fear, not by denial of it. And

when you face your fear, you use your mind instead of letting

your mind use you.

You stay conscious. You stay awake. You notice what you’re doing

to yourself to be afraid. You take note of what you’re picturing in

your mind and how you’ve pictured it. You see how you breathe when

afraid and compare it to how you breathe when courageous. You scan

your thoughts and ferret out the ones that don’t serve you – then make a

choice to focus on those that help you.

As you do this you begin to overcome your fear – or any other negative

habit pattern. Gradually you take control of the reins. And as you gain

control you figure out how to seize even more of it.

After some time in the arena of fear, you are only fearful half the time.

Then you slice that half in half and you’re down to a quarter of the time.

Then 10%. Then 1%. Then never.

Occasionally you may have a brief relapse. By brief I mean 2-3 seconds. When

this happens you immediately catch yourself and get your mind back on track.

You train your mind. You are in charge. Never forget that – even when it’s hard.

Next year I have a number of foreign trips planned. Not just to China – but

to Japan, Greece and other places I’ve never visited. None of these visits

would take place if I told myself that I was afraid of flying and there was

nothing I could do about it. None of these trips would be possible if I refused

to do the thing I feared til the death of fear was certain.

Anything you fear doing – you can do, if you’ll get up and move in the midst of

the fear.

Fear is not subject to reason very often – but it is always subject to movement.

Make a choice to move – and often – and you’ll be the master of your fate, the

lord of your destiny.


Matt Furey

P.S. At my February seminar I’ll be showing you how to conquer fear like never

before – be sure to come MOVE through whatever you think is holding you back.

Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/007_fitness_bootcamp.html

P.P.S. Be sure to check out Dr. Maxwell Maltz’ Zero Resistance Living Program

at http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/zrlcourse.html

3 Things I’m Thankful For Today

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

This morning I gave thanks for three things:

1. My health – physical, mental and spiritual

2. My family – my wife, my son and daughter,

my parents, siblings and all those friends who

are like “family” to me

3. My clients and customers – YOU have given

me a grand and glorious life and I am eternally

grateful to you for that.

As a young boy I was taught to say grace before

each meal, to start and end each day with a prayer

of thanks.

Regardless of your beliefs, I think it’s a good practice –

and one we can never perfect. By this I mean you can

never get so good at expressing gratitude that you no

longer need to do it. Gratitude is a lifelong practice.

Thanksgiving is a day we celebrate – but gratitude is

a state of being we choose to tap into or out of. Life is

ultimately better when you tap into it.

And so, on this Thanksgiving Day – I send a heart-felt

thank you for all you’ve contributed to my life.

Have a tremendous holiday.

Matt Furey

How to Do What I Do

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Fitness aside for a moment – I get mucho

questions from readers of this e-letter, asking

me how I do what I do.

And by that they mean – ‘How do you write so

much, everyday, and always make it interesting,

appealing, riveting, controversial – ad infinitum.’

There are two reasons this question gets asked so

often. The first is because some people are simply

curious. They simply want to know how someone

does what he does.

The second reason is because many, many people

have dreams of conquering the world – by word and

by foot.

What do I mean.

What I mean is that many people want to leave foot

prints – both from being a contributor to the world at

large via writing something that benefits others – and

they simultaneously have a dream of traveling the

world … first-class preferably.

Many moons ago this young lad from Io-way – had the

same dreams and desires. The only difference between

those with this dream and ME – is I discovered the ‘way’

to make my dreams become a reality.

For many years I thought that the key to writing success

was following all the rules I learned in English class. But

I quickly found out that doing what you were taught in

school about writing is a quick-ticket to nowheresville.

Knowing proper grammar, spelling and so on is all well

and good – but if ‘the rules’ don’t move you any closer

to your goals – then doggone it – can the rules and do

it another way.

That, my friend, is precisely what this Fure-cat has been

doing for the past 11 years – and I’ve never looked back.

Now, if the prospect of writing a book is frightening to you,

let me tell you about another way you can make your

dreams a reality. Are you ready. Okay, here tis:

You can learn how to amplify a skill you already have; a

skill known as ‘writing a simple, personal letter.’ And, get

THIS – the amplification of this skill you already possess

can earn you an easy 100K of income per year.

Doubt me if you so choose – but just last year I took my

brother, Sean, under my wing. Most of you know him from

some of the emails he wrote for me last year.

Well, Sean left his manual labor job last year – where he

slaved away week after week – and started amplifying this

skill that he already have – and that YOU already have.

Within weeks he landed his first assignment – and it wasn’t

for ME – it was with another business. Naturally, I got jealous

and brought him in to help me from time to time. And from

there he has landed jobs writing simple letters for people,

and his fees are well into the five-figure range.

Inside of his first year, Sean easily made 100k.

Now, I suppose you’re thinking – okay Fure-cat, I spose

you’ve got a product to sell me on how to do this, don’t


Well, as a matter of course, I do – but it’s NOT mine.

Nope, the course that teaches you how to do this is

FAR better than anything I have the time or patience

to assemble.

This course is, without question, I’m talking ‘hands-down’

the very best course ever produced on the subject of

writing a simple letter – and making a career out of

doing so.

This course was put together by a couple of my friends,

Michael Masterson, Paul Hollingshead and Don Mahoney.

All of these men have one thing in common. They’ve made

literal and virtual fortunes with the power of their pens –

putting simple – and I do mean SIMPLE – words on paper

that get people to DO SOMETHING.

For the last decade they’ve been teaching others, just like

YOU – just like my brother Sean (a student of the course) –

how to do what they do – and they have a huge string of

success stories.

If you’d like to be like me – and like my brother, Sean,

and make all your dreams become a reality, by doing

something you already know how to do – then I cannot

say it too strongly. You MUST – and I mean you absolutely

MUST get this course. It will give you much more than

the moneeey you earn from following the lessons. It

will give you time and freedom – and those are variables

that are priceless.

The link for this course is http://www.thewriterslife.com/ph/copywriting

and the sooner you click on it and start moving in the direction of

what truly matters to you – the sooner you and I can be

flying the friendly skies – first-class, enjoying the world

and everything in it.

Best of all, you can be anywhere in the world and make this

career happen. You can be in Italy, writing a simple

letter for a client. Or you can be in China. Three to four

months out of the year – I’m writing you from there.

Believe me now and listen to me later, life doesn’t get any

better than that. To work on your own time – doing something

that you already know how to do – but now doing it with the

intention of wiping away your mortgage, retiring from the

rat race – and having time and freedom and mucho dinero

to spend with you wife, children – or whomever you want

to spend time with.

So please, take it from me, Matt ‘Fure-cat’ Furey – I truly

know wherefrom I speaketh. I’ve been in the trenches.

And I’m telling you that THIS opportunity is the the best

way out of the them. Not only that, once you’re out of the

trenches, with this skill deeply in hand – you’ll never need

fear of going back into them. You’ll be set for life – literally.

Ah yes, the ‘writer’s life.’ Tis a great thing. And it available

to you now at http://www.thewriterslife.com/ph/copywriting

Go there NOW and make your life the ‘stuff of dreams.’


Matt Furey

P.S. If you haven’t clicked on the link above yet, this is your

last chance. Don’t put off til tomorrow what you should and

CAN do today – http://www.thewriterslife.com/ph/copywriting

Your Success Groove

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Late last night I was out for a walk – only this time

not by myself. As I headed out the door with a friend

I began telling him how the average person is completely

unconscious of his day-to-day habits and thinking,

and therefore is unable to recreate success over and

over again.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Well, this may sound odd, but when a major celebrity

agrees to an appearance, there is often a lengthy contract

that goes into illustrious detail about what he or she wants

the hotel room to be like. It’ll state what kind of bed, what

kind of robes, what kind of soap, water, and so on.”


“And this may seem very odd and strange to the average

person. He might think, ‘What a primadonna.’ But the major

celeb may be making all these requests because he knows, in

illustrious detail, what creates a success experience. He also

knows, if he’s been paying attention, what creates a failure


“Take myself, for example. One of the things I figured out

as a competitive martial artist and wrestler was that I needed

to get up early and go for a run on the days that I competed in

a tournament. I came to this conclusion after competing in a

number of tournaments wherein my first match was abominable.

I felt like I was still asleep during the match. After losing I figured out

that some early morning running would open my lungs and get my

entire mind/body ready for battle – I never forgot to employ this

success habit.”

“No one else on the team that I’m aware of did this. For whatever

reason they didn’t need to. But I did. And failure to follow what works

always spelled dis-aster for me. On the other hand, when I did the things I

did when I was at my best, I got into a “success groove” and it seemed

I could not fail.”

Whether in sports, business or any creative endeavor – this same scenario

applies. If you keep track of what you did and what you thought on the days

you were at your best, and if you keep repeating those things, you increase your

chances for success dramatically.

So keep track of what works – as well as what doesn’t work. Repeat what works.

Discontinue what doesn’t work.

A simple formula, I know. But it won’t do you any good unless you start to become

conscious of your thoughts, behaviors and the results they produce.

As a member of the Psycho-Cybernetics Success Group, I give you tools to make

success a daily event. This month I have a high-powered visualization enttitled,

Your Super Computer. This visualization will guide you into the most powerful and

potent recesses of your mind and bring forth the best that is in you.

Not only that but the Success Scroll you receive as a bonus will drive a message of

optimism and enthusiasm right into your subconscious mind, whether you believe it

or not.

Make sure you become a member of this sensational group of DOERS by going to



Matt Furey

Power in Your Name

Monday, November 20th, 2006

Dale Carnegie taught that the sweetest sound to a person

was the sound of his own name. And he was right.

Yet, this statement has only been applied from the stand

point of addressing OTHERS, especially in a selling situation.

Other than “us” using the “name technique” on others to sweeten

them up – there’s a major gap still left uncovered. And that gap

involves HOW to use your own name by yourself to get the most

out of yourself.

When preparing this month’s newsletter and CD for the Psycho-

Cybernetics Success Group – I also created a special bonus

“Success Scroll” that contains a mega-powerful application

of Your Name.

I sent it to three people in advance to see what they thought. In each

and every case, I heard that the scroll was:

a.) going into a frame

b.) a HUGE gift from me that went right into their subconscious in a positive


One man told me the energy coming off the scroll was incredible. A lady

told me it brought tears of happiness and touched her soul.

I read the scroll to my son at night – as well as to myself. I cannot put into

words the impact this Success Scroll has.

And the good news is that although I could charge a fortune for it – I’m giving

it away free to those who enroll in the Psycho-Cybernetics Success Group.

Not only that, but every month I give you a new Success Scroll, so that your

mind is continually being programmed with the words and phrases that will

lead you to “paradise on earth.”

There is such a place. And you’ll find it when your mind is “on target.”

Go to http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/success_group.html and become a

member of this exclusive group of creators NOW – and I’ll help program your

mind for auto-pilot success.


Matt Furey

Roast Your Inner Pig

Monday, November 20th, 2006

2007: The Year We Take Control of Your “Inner Pig”

2007 is not only the “Year of the Pig” in China – but right here in the

U.S. – it’s the year where I am going to roast your “INNER PIG” –

burning every last ounce of excess bacon fat off your body, turning

you into a strong and flexible kick-butt super fitness machine.

To discover more about HOW it is going to finally happen for you,

sprint on over to http://www.mattfurey.com/007_fitness_bootcamp.html

This Pig Roast is filling up fast – very soon it will be completely sold out –

so don’t delay. DO IT To-Day.


Matt Furey

Author of the Int’l best-seller, Combat Conditioning, and a host of other

butt-kickers to be found at http://www.mattfurey.com

Rare Furey Fitness Teleseminar

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

Yesterday, when I was preparing for bed, I started

thinking about my upcoming trip back to my vacation

home in China. Not only that, but I started thinnking

about the fact that Thanksgiving is coming.

And as I thought about these things, I realized I haven’t

done a free teleseminar in years. I give and give in my

emails – but rarely via teleseminar.

I decided to make a change about this and hold a LIVE

event on Thanksgiving Day – provided I can get it


I asked a friend what he thought and he balked, saying,

“I don’t know. It’s Thanksgiving, you know. People have

other things on their mind, blah, blah.”

I cut him off. “Enough with the negative,” I said. “For

chriminy sakes, there are 3 NFL games on this Thanksgving,

even the Bucs and Cowboys are playing. The fact that you’re

against it makes me want to do it even MORE. I say proceed.”

So right now I’m working out the kinks and once I have them

worked out, I’ll let you know how you can enroll in it.

Again, this is a gift – no charge except the one you pay your

phone company for the call. You pay me nothing.

On this call I’m going to open the curtain a bit and talk about

at least 7 of my most guarded fitness and health secrets. The

information will be riveting – and it’ll help keep you away from

the table where you’re intent on destroying yourself anyway,

stuffing your gourd with turkey and stuffing.

Maybe my teleseminar will save you the agony of packing on

an extra 5-10 pounds over the holidays.

Stay tuned.

Matt Furey

P.S. By the way, my December newsletter and CD for the Matt

Furey Inner Circle will be a major special report on how I eat and

exercise in China – where I’ll be for most of the rest of the year.

Make sure you enroll NOW so you get this super special issue –

Two ways to get the job done:

1. Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/furey_inner_circle.html and

enroll as an annual member.


2. Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/fg324trfsr3ttai.html and sign

on as a monthly test-drive member.

Get a Body Like a Bronze …

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

Want to see the body of a bronze God. Then hang on for

a second and I’ll tell you how – but first, a bit of “fallout”

after yesterday’s Sgt. X email.

What’s the fallout? Well, a number of women wrote in asking if

Sgt. X was “single.”

Imagine that.

I guess it goes to show that some women are very much

attracted to men with a uniform on, especially if they’re

Marines. Makes me want to go back and watch “An Officer

and a Gentleman” again.

Whether Sgt. X is single or married is not relevant here, though.

What IS relevant is that he’ll be at my 2007 Fitness Bootcamp,

helping to kick your rumpus into the best shape ever.

But he and I won’t be all alone. No – I have brought in a team of

experts, male and female – a cast of Super-Human characters

the likes of which you have NEVER seen before.

For example, I also have Ms. T – not to be confused as a relative of

Mr. T – (remember him?).

Ms. T is absolutely stunning. But she didn’t always look like she does

now. In fact, her body was completely transformed through exercise,

the grand majority of it being “bodyweight exercises” – like this here

Fure-cat has been preaching about for eons. Only thing is that a lot

of what Ms. T does is DIFFERENT and you MUST come see it LIVE.

Now, if you go to http://www.mattfurey.com/007_fitness_bootcamp.html

you’ll be able to see a “backside” view of Ms. T. And believe me, even

without seeing her face, you’re going to want to come meet her and

learn from her. We’re keeping her identity a mystery for now – but

believe me now and listen to me later, you will NOT be disappointed.

When the Fure-cat brings in someone to teach at his events, he or she always

exceed the expectations of the audience. I am actually, if you can believe

it, under-selling and under-hyping the transcendent POWER this event

will have in your life. It WILL be a monumental, unforgettable, always-in-

the-forefront-of-your-mind moment in time for YOU.

But only if you get on the train and enroll NOW.

Don’t make me chase you down. This event is going to sell out – and very

soon. It did last year. It will this year. So get in now so that you are assured

of a slot.

Go to http://www.mattfurey.com/007_fitness_bootcamp.html


Matt Furey

Author of the Int’l best-seller, Combat Conditioning and many other life-

changing products – all available at http://www.mattfurey.com/products.html

I Thought I’d Seen It All

Friday, November 17th, 2006

[Note: Today’s message comes to you from Sgt. X. – one of the BIG

hitters of my 2007 “Secret of Secrets” Universal Health, Strength and

Power Fitness Bootcamp. Like any drill sergeant, he’s rude, base,

politically incorrect – with an interest in one and only one thing – seeing

you become MORE than you think you can become. Check out what he

has to say.]



You don’t know this about me, but I’m 53 years young and I’m in the

best shape of my life. I’m a former Marine. Former meaning no longer

seeing active duty. But I am NOT retired. I’m up every day at the crack

of dawn, and I’m working out.

I don’t rest on my laurels. In fact, I don’t rest at all.

I went to my first Matt Furey fitness seminar in 2003. I went in spite of the

fact that I already had every product he had created. I wanted to meet the

man who had helped me so much in person. And man, was I amazed.

Since then I have NOT missed a single Furey fitness event. Wouldn’t think of it.

And even though I’m one of the presenters again this year, I sent Matt a check

for the event. Why? Because what I’m going to learn and take away from this

event is HUGE. I’ll be flying in from Mexico, where I live right now. Back in 2003

I flew in from Ecuador.

I make NO EXCUSES. When Matt Furey has a fitness seminar, I AM THERE.

I don’t say I’m too busy. I wouldn’t dare say it’s too expensive. Too expensive

compared to what? Being a fat slob? Being crippled up with bad health? Being

a physical weakling?

I wouldn’t think of saying, “Oh, I already know that stuff because I have the

book and DVD’s.”

The book and DVD’s? Are you serious?

Those are just the tip of the iceberg of what Matt teaches. Every year I go to see

him I am stunned at what I learn. He is a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge – yet

he NEVER stops learning – neither should you.

In fact, for 2007, Matt is pulling no punches. In addition to myself, he’s bringing in …

11 More Super Fitness Heroes Who Will Help Roast Your “Inner Pig” – Making 2007

The Fittest Year of Your Life!

That’s right. Matt is going to roast your INNER PIG – he’s going to fry that little

bacon-grease worshipper hidden inside your mind and body. He’s going to

change your life. Instead of having an INNER PIG you’re going to have a

charging rhino, a wild boar – an animal that focuses on a target and WILL

not be deprived.

Make a promise to yourself that 2007 is going to be different. Make a promise

to yourself that you’re not going to take the “bacon bits” lifestyle anymore. Make

a promise that you’re not just going to set a goal – YOU ARE GOING to make

it happen.

I know you always keep your promises. Your success rate is virtually 100%

when you make a promise. So don’t make a resoluton for 2007. Don’t set


A promise to yourself. A promise to me. And a promise to the man who can

and will take you to the finish line – Matt Furey.

Enroll in Matt’s fitness seminar NOW by going to the page that makes your

promise become reality – http://www.mattfurey.com/007_fitness_bootcamp.html

Now move.


Sgt. X

How to Improve Flexibility Fast

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

Today I’m going to give you three quick yet

mercilessly powerful tips on how you can improve

your flexibility fast, no matter what your cotton-pickin


Here goes:

1. When you stretch, breathe deeply and fully. Fill your

lungs to full capacity. Inhale all the way down so you’re

filling the lower lungs. Inhale even more so that you can

feel your rib cage and your chest expand.

If you put your hand on your pecs (or chest) you should

be able to feel it expand on the inhale.

Now, once you’ve held the inhale for a few seconds, relax

and let it go. Doing this will let go of physical and mental

stress and help you relax more deeply into each stretch.

2. Once you’ve done some deep breathing for the lungs,

now let’s do some for the muscles. In fact, let’s do something

that is supposedly physiologically impossible. Let’s breathe

right into the muscle we’re stretching. For example, if you’re

stretching your hamstrings, let’s inhale into the hamstring.

Just imagine doing so and you’ll feel the difference.

No, you do not have ‘lungs’ in your hamstrings. But if your

intent is to direct your inhale into your hamstrings, believe me

now and listen to me later, you’ll feel the difference. Your hamstring

will begin to relax and upon each exhale, the muscles will unlock

and give your more elasticity.

3. Good job. You’ve done number one and two, now you have one

of two choices – both of which I teach, depending on the situation.

The first is that you can contract and relax the muscle you’re

stretching. Flex the muscle for several seconds, then relax and

voila – you instantly can go further than before. I teach this is my

Combat Stretching course – http://www.mattfurey.com/combat_stretching.hmtl

The second choice involves simply giving your muscles the command to ‘relax.’

It follows the idea of telling yourself what to do via self-suggestion.

This principle can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to increase strength,

endurance, power and speed. It can even be used to improve your health, your

appearance and how you age.

No, it’s not mere affirmations. It’s programming your body to do what you want

via a combination of deep breathing, relaxing, flexing and effective commands

that bypass the conscious mind giving you instantaneous and rapid results.

Now, if you’ve liked what you’ve just read and think it’s great – you ain’t seen or

heard nothing yet. Here’s why:

In my February 2007 Fitness Bootcamp in Tampa, Florida, I am going to go way

beyond what you’ve just read. In fact, I (as well as everyone else I’m having

present) is going to present NEW information that cannot be found in any of our

previous courses – nor in anyone else’s that we can find. How’s that for a challenge.

It’s true. And to make it even more important for you to get a seat at this seminar

and see it LIVE – please understand that this seminar will NEVER be released to the

public. It is truly a private, closed-door event. And the only way you can learn what

we’re teaching is to BE THERE. Period.

I promise you that the first evening of the seminar alone will deliver more than what

you paid. Tis a Furey trademark as I believe in going the extra mile, giving more value

than what you invested.

Today is the last day that you can enroll in this seminar at the lowest amount advertised.

After today the amount will creep upwards. And it will creep upwards daily. Each day that

you procrastinate (and please, it’s always better to move forward) will have a price attached

to it. I’d rather not punish you for being a fence-sitter – so please, enroll today and get

the best opportunity imaginable.

There’s just no excuse in the world that justifies missing this seminar. So go to

http://www.mattfurey.com/007_fitness_bootcamp.html and enroll NOW.


Matt Furey

P.S. Yesterday so many seats were nabbed that I don’t know how much longer this

seminar offer will even be available. It will not take place a second time in 2007. It

will not repeat ever again. This is your chance. This is your opportunity for greatness.

Seize the day. Seize this opportunity. NOW. Gallop on over to the seminar sign-up page

at http://www.mattfurey.com/007_fitness_bootcamp.html and make a positive change

in your life that you’ll never regret.

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