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The Secret in Chapter Six

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

[Quick Note to those who already have a copy of Expect to Win – Hate to Lose, make sure you re-read Chapter Six on a regular basis. It goes much deeper than you may think.]

Hi [First Name],

There are a lot of self-help gurus who tell you to “announce your goals” to the world, to let everyone know what your plans are – in advance.

The theory is that doing so will force you to take action because it would be humiliating to see the same people a month or so later, and not be where you said you would be.

I’ve tested this theory on myself – as well as on people I’ve coached. And let me tell you, this theory is just that. A theory.

In almost all cases, it doesn’t work.

The person doesn’t achieve his goals – and he doesn’t feel humiliated for failing to do so.

How can this be?

Are the gurus wrong?

Well, not entirely.

There is someone you’d be wise to talk to about your goals and plans.

Is this person a member of your family?

In some cases, yes. In most cases, no.

Members of your family are often-times the very ones who don’t want to see you succeed. They may be jealous of any success you achieve because it makes them feel “less than.” Or they feel “entitled” to a cut of what you produced.

Last year I coached a young man who works with family. He was a top producer in his company until an older sibling (who also works for the same company) took him aside and told him he’s not very good at what he does. He took the sibling’s words as fact – and stopped producing.

After one session with me he began excelling again. His family was surprised. So he told them about his breakthrough.

Immediately afterward he felt the “juice” leave him. He set up a session with me to find out what happened.

I got him back on the winning track – then I told him to re-read Chapter Six on a regular basis, that the message goes much deeper than talking about
goals and plans.

So, if not family, who do you talk to about your goals and plans?

Read Expect to Win – Hate to Lose and find out. Our newest printing is in – so place your order NOW.

Also, many of you asked about getting CDs of the book. Those are now in as well.

You can get all of them by going here …


Matt Furey

P.S. I’ll be having an Expect to Win – Hate to Lose seminar in Clearwater, Florida, November 4-5. Stay tuned for details.

The Dead Sax (Red Sox) September Swoon

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Imagine being “the best” team in baseball for four months.

No one can touch you.

Most everyone believes you’ll run away with a division and World Series title.

Then the swoon of September hits and your record over the past 26 days is the worst in the MLB – and you may not even win a wild card position in the Playoffs.

Who’d a thunk this about the Boston Red Sox (Dead Sax)?

Well, I saw this as more than a possibility back in June.


For at least 62 reasons, all of which I cover in my new book, Expect to Win – Hate to Lose.

In fact, chapter 62 alone gives one huge reason why this is happening.

Make sure you order now because the 2nd printing is in.


Matt Furey

P.S. Can the Red Sox still make the playoffs? It’s possible – but unless their all-new curse is broken, I wouldn’t bet on it.

I Bet You a Steak Dinner

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

“I bet you a steak dinner.”

Those were the words I bet on a little over a week ago.

Right now it appears I’m going to owe a friend a steak dinner. One week ago we “shook” on a bet that the Red Sox would fold and the Rays would win the Wild Card spot in the American League.

The good news is the Red Sox have folded. They’ve taken the meaning of September Swoon to a whole new level, dropping three out of four to the Orioles.

The bad news is the Rays haven’t taken advantage of the situation, dropping three-straight to the Yankees. Instead of being 1/2 game back – they’re 2-1/2 behind right now.


Well, don’t pity me. I’m the one who placed the bet – and it ain’t over till it’s over.

And even if I lose the bet, my friend has cheap tastes. He could have chosen a place where I’d be out three hundred smackers. But he chose a cheap joint where the most expensive cow muscles are $75.

What’s worse, to get the price up to seventy-five, they have to throw in rice and a bunch of other food that should be unfit for humans to eat.

Not only that, but the cow he’ll be eating from is grain fed and pumped up with hormones instead of grass fed and hormone-free. So he’s a loser all the way around, any way you slice it.

Even if the Rays continue to sputter in the wake of the Red Sicks demise, I really can’t lose.

On the other hand, I will say that I played it too safe. This same guy said the Red Sicks would “sweep” the Orioles in Boston.

If I’d have taken that bet on a game-to-game basis – I’d be eating like a king three days this week – on him.

Do I still expect the Rays to win?

Sure, but I’m not the one taking the field. They are. And if they don’t EXPECT to win, they won’t.

In life, you don’t get what you hope for.

You could even say you don’t get what you want because “wanting” isn’t a strong enough desire.

What you EXPECT is much higher up the scale.

Let me ask: What do you EXPECT today?

Do you expect something good will happen to you?

Do you expect things to go your way?

Do you expect the seemingly bad to eventually turn out for your greater good?

If so, you’ll probably be thrilled with what you get.

Not surprised. Not amazed. Not incredulous.


And so, even if I lose the steak dinner bet, I can’t lose. Why? Because something good will come from it.

It always does. If you “look” for it – and expect it.

Order a Kindle version of Expect to Win – Hate to Lose on Amazon.com.


Matt Furey

P.S. The audio for Expect to Win – Hate to Lose will be ready next week. And we’ll have our second printing very soon, too.

Losers Hate This

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

There’s a “common sense” success secret that is, as the saying goes, “anything but common.”

In the world of physical training, I understood the secret and used it. But in the areas of my life that weren’t working so well, I lived life as if I had no clue this principle even existed.

In business, I floundered for years. 13 to be exact.

Despite being told, almost from the get-go, that I was a marketing genius, I was losing far more than I was winning.

Then one day, by “accident” – I began doing something each day that I never did before. What I did had nothing to do with marketing. Yes, it required a pencil and paper – but not for writing books, advertisements or anything else.

In fact, the pencil and paper weren’t even for writing goals, affirmations or action plans.

As time went on the pencil and paper were replaced by a computer.


Because what flowed to me increased so dramatically it was almost impossible to finish my daily task in less than a half-hour, and at the end of the day, I was tired and wanted to go home.

Today I do the same type of activity on my i-Phone.

It’s no longer something I do at the end of each day. I’m doing it all day long – everyday because it only takes a few seconds.

On the days in which I do this activity – I’m continually amazed. On days in which I’m “too busy” – I’m stunned at the decline.

If you’re the type of person who has always resisted or doubted the Law of Attraction, visualization, goal setting or anything of the sort – then you’ll probably enjoy reading about this very practical and realistic way to accelerate growth, without even trying.

Read all about this “common sense” success secret that is “anything but common” in Chapter 27 of my new book, Expect to Win – Hate to Lose.

Until then, just remember that winners do this one thing and losers don’t. And those who win at the highest level – do it more than anyone.

After reading about this principle, put it to use and watch your life blossom.


Matt Furey

P.S. I’ll be holding a LIVE webinar for all who secure a copy of Expect to Win – Hate to Lose.  It will be an event you will remember for the rest of your life. Get the book NOW.

Don’t Need to Say Good Luck

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

You know what makes my day? It’s getting emails like the following:

Hey Matt,

I just read Expect to Win – Hate to Lose and am halfway through my second read. I am a WNBF Professional Bodybuilder (see the latest issue of Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine) and I train many competitive bodybuilders and Figure athletes. Your book is exactly what I need to pass along to my clientele. I have read hundreds of self-help books …Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Charles Haanel, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Sun-Tzu, James Allen, Rhonda Byrne, Maxwell Maltz, etc).

But your book is just sooooo simple. It takes all of the concepts from the authors I have mentioned and puts it in plain English.

Thank you!!!!

I will be purchasing all of your

books and absorbing as much as I can. I have already posted on Facebook to my 1937 friends the importance of this breakthrough book.

I would say “good luck” but you don’t need “luck” when you are “good.”

Peace and love

Bill Murphy

MJF: Thank you, Bill. Your words mean a lot. I’m truly humbled by the number of people who finish the book and immediately start re-reading it. I don’t know if there’s any higher praise for an author. Best of skill to you in all your endeavors.

Update: Based on current supply and demand, we’ll be completely sold out of the first printing for Expect to Win – Hate to Lose within a week. That’s the fastest any of my books has ever flown off the shelves.

Make sure you’re not left waiting for your copy in between printings. Order NOW and start reading and re-reading before anyone else.


Matt Furey

P.S. All first-edition readers will be eligible for the free Expect to Win – Hate to Lose webinar I’m holding later this month. This webinar will not repeat – so make sure you order NOW and make it on the line.

Are Mistakes a Good Thing?

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Talk to the under-achiever and he’ll tell you he’s afraid of making a mistake. He views them as a bad thing.

The over-achiever has a different take on mistakes. They’re nothing to fear. In fact, they’re stepping stones to success.

Mistakes are feedback you need to achieve any goal. No one travels a straight line to success. Anyone who becomes “someone” encounters corrections on how he speaks, breathes, moves and thinks.

Losers fear mistakes. Winners look for them.

Losers get angry when they make a mistake and refuse to listen to corrective feedback..

Winners pause, breathe, relax and listen to what needs to be done to improve. Then they work on correcting the mistake.

No one I ever met was better at turning mistakes and misfortune into miracles and good fortune than Dan Gable.

Read all about how he helped me learn how to do so as well in Expect to Win – Hate to Lose.

Read about the ONE thing Gable said to me after a painful loss that instantly doubled my abilities.

One sentence turned my life around.

Wonder what that phrase was?

Then you better get the book and discover the very phrase that may instantly double your abilities as well.


Matt Furey

P.S. We’re almost sold out of our first printing. Order now to avoid delays in the teasing of this classic.

Double Your Speed Without Trying

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

In Chapter 32 of my new book, Expect to Win – Hate to Lose, I reveal a way to get good at anything FASTER than ever before.

NOTE: Those of you who already have the book, make sure you re-read this chapter today. It’s important, especially after a 3-day weekend when you return to piles of work and don’t know how you’re going to get it all done.

It’s also important to remind yourself of the principle I teach when you’re frustrated with your results and want to PUSH, PUSH, PUSH in order to get where you want to go faster.

This morning I used this principle when doing my workout. I could have ignored everything I teach and forced myself to improve through grit and determination. And yes, some times that’s a valid strategy.

But in terms of long-term progress, it’s the wrong way. If you rush too fast you can do major life-time damage. A better approach is knowing how to double your results with less than half the effort.

By the way, a hearty “thank you” to all who’ve already gotten a copy or multiple copies of Expect to Win – Hate to Lose. So many of you have ordered 5, 10 and 25 copies that we estimate being completely out of stock in less than a week.

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.

More than anything else, what really makes my day is seeing a young boy reading my book at a baseball tournament this past weekend. How cool is that?


Matt Furey

P.S. The FREE webinar will be held later this month. We’ll get you the details within a few days.

Almost Gone

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

The 1st printing of Expect to Win – Hate to Lose is going to be sold out soon, and part of the reason is shown below:

Hey Matt,

Wanted to let you know that within minutes of finishing your book Expect To Win – Hate To Lose, I ordered an additional 25 copies.

My plan is to give each of my employees a copy and we will read and review one chapter a week at our staff meetings.

I can’t wait to see how it will impact our business as well as personal lives. The tools you provide with each and every chapter are life changing.

Honestly there’s more practical and useful information in your book than in any self help or business book I’ve read in the last 5 years (and I’ve read dozens!).

Thank you for revealing these incredible tools.

Really, it’s not a book it’s a success toolbox…batteries included. 🙂

Thanks again Matt.

Dr. Trevor Neal

MJF: Thank you, Dr. Trevor. You’ve made my Labor Day Weekend.

Order your copy NOW
to avoid the wait between printings.


Matt Furey

Get Everything Done, Even If You Can’t Focus

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

In 1995, when I got serious about “being a writer” – I set a goal that literally catapulted me to success.

And by “success” I mean that I wrote my first book in 10 days – something I was previously unable to get myself to do within any time frame I ever gave myself. Whether the goal was three month or three years, I could not focus long enough to get the job done.

Sound familiar?

Have goals you’ve always wanted to achieve – and couldn’t because you didn’t have enough “will power” or focus?

Believe me, I can feel your pain. I can also tell you how I overcome my own obstacles to success and got the job done.

In my particular case of finally writing a book, did I set out to write my book in 10 days?


Did I have a goal or deadline to write the book within a certain time frame?


Did I say or write affirmations about being a writer, or any such thing?


Did I work on my negative beliefs about writing, success, money or fame?


Okay, so what made the difference. How did I go from “never” finishing a book to starting and finishing a book in 10 days?

Moreover, how have so many of the men and women I’ve coached and mentored, accomplished the same objective?

It’s one thing if “I” did it – but if I taught my process to others, and they got the job done as well, there must be some magic in my secret method.


And this magic can be yours. All you need do is read Chapter 61 in Expect to Win – Hate to Lose.

Those of you who already have the book, make sure you re-read this lesson over and over again. It’s mega important.

If you haven’t gotten around to ordering the book yet – what on earth are you waiting for?

Your life, your success and the success of others whom you will meet and touch hangs in the balance.

What you gonna do?

Straddle the fence forever or move toward the achievement of your dreams and goals.

Order now.


Matt Furey

P.S. By the way, the strategy I teach you in Chapter 61 can be used to achieve success in ANYTHING. You name it: weight loss, increased strength, financial success and so on. It’s all yours if you’ll be kind enough to yourself to deploy this one powerhouse technique.

4-Letter Words

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Four-letter words are usually thought of as “inappropriate” – especially around children.

But there’s one 4-letter word that can go either way.

It can cause both youngster and adult to rise above the masses. It can give desire to the uninspired and help you create a life most cannot even imagine.

On the other hand, it can cause you to do totally insane things; to stoop lower than low.

Need a challenge?

Need to give someone else a challenge that he’ll willingly engage in?

Then get yourself a copy of Expect to Win – Hate to Lose and turn to Chapter 35.

Learn this 4-letter word. Make it part of your thinking and vocabulary.

No one will be offended. I promise.

And anyone with a pulse will be inspired.


Matt Furey

P.S. Without even practicing the sport of bowling, this word helped me hit a record 180. Just think what it would do for me if I practiced.

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