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If Tim Tebow Were Gay

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Whilst driving my children to school this morning, I heard one radio talk show host say that if Tim Tebow “came out” and proclaimed that he’s gay, he’d have 28 NFL teams trying to sign him right now.

Got a few chuckles there, but seriouslly, I doubt that would happen.

Tebow is regularly blasted for professing his beliefs. And I’m of the opinion that the only reason the Jets signed him in the first place was to ridicule him and hopefully destroy him.

As an athlete I never publicly displayed my beliefs, period. On anything. But I don’t believe my way was ‘the way’ for all athletes.

If Tebow wants to kneel and pray, I don’t care so long as he works hard and does what he can to help his team win. If he wants to say the name ‘Jesus’ in every interview, I also don’t care.

As for proclaiming yourself gay – I also don’t care.

It’s none of my business. At the same time I wouldn’t reward or condemn the Christian or the gay athlete, for saying he’s one or the other.

Apparently a group of football fans  in Jacksonville, Florida, have petitioned the President to intervene and force the owner of the Jaguars to sign Tebow. I’m not betting on that petition making a difference either.

One thing I will bet on, though, is Tebow turning  all the bashing of him into a positive. I bet he emerges from this experience stronger than ever before.


Because the man has ENERGY. Far more energy than most people. And ENERGY is what makes the difference when you’re confronted with obstacles, critics and your own failures on the way to success.

In my seminar later this month, you’ll discover how to bring the ENERGY of success into each and every day.

Right now we have 12 seats remaining – so if you want to attend – I suggest you jump on this one NOW.


Matt Furey

My 50th Cinco de Mateo

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Well, I done turned fiftee today. And my daughter Faith turned nine. Yep, we share the same birthday.

Got up early and ate some cake. Now we’re heading out for more victuals.

Before we do so here’s a quick reminder about my Energy Seminar coming up in a few weeks. After Friday’s announcement we’re already half-full (catch the optimism), with people flying in from 14 different states and a couple foreign countries.

Today you can help me celebrate my birthday (and my daughter’s) by enrolling NOW.  By doing so you’ll save substantially as the fee is going up a hundred bucks per day until we’re sold out.

Happy Cinco de Mateo (Mayo) to you. Live it up in grand schtyle by agreeing to raise your energy to the level where all things are possible.

Matt Furey

P.S. The first 30 minutes of my seminar will be worth the fee for the entire event.  Come and find out why. 

Dynamic Energy and Power Seminar

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

You asked for it – and it’s coming to you very soon.

The date for my next event – The Dynamic Energy and Power Seminar – is May 29-30, in Tampa, Florida.

Many “Furey Fans” have already verbally agreed they’d be attending, so when the webpage goes up for this seminar, you’d better be ready to enroll immediately.

In order to maximize results, this will NOT be a BIG seminar, in terms of attendance. But it will be HUGE in terms of what it will do for YOU for the rest of your life.

I believe we’re limiting enrollment to around 50 people, so consider this email a “brain’s up” for those who really want to attend.

So you know, I’ll be covering a LOT of information, much of which has been “hidden” or withheld from you on the subject of energy and power.

You’ll learn what to do to increase your energy and get the results you want in life, faster than you previously believed possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for major improvements in terms of bodily fitness or business success – your results have everything to do with how much energy you have. how it is used and how it “flows.”

In this seminar I will help you discover the power that lies within you and how you can tap into it, on command, for anything you
so desire.

You’ll also be getting “tipped off” about ways your energy, focus, direction and so on are derailed and depleted.

In short, you’ll find out what to do as well as what pitfalls to avoid.

Most importantly. you’ll be given simple, action-based strategies and procedures that will accelerate your results to a speed that will astound you – all while being in a state of harmonious flow.

So be on the lookout for the announcement about this seminar in the next couple days. It WILL fill up almost instantly, so consider this email fair warning to be ready to move – and fast.


Matt Furey

P.S. So you know, I’ve used many of these strategies successfully with everyone from professional athletes, to young men and women who want to go to the next level academically. I’ve used them with executives, salespeople, writers, doctors and so on. All of us were given brains. Once we know how to activate our brains and rid ourselves of the clutter and baggage, our growth and development takes off like a rocket. What’s more, we enjoy the process, the journey toward our destination.

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