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About Hurricane Gustav

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

To all of you living in Lousiana, Mississippi and Alabama, or anywhere else that Hurricane Gustav decides to turn – my thoughts are with you.

May all of you be spared damage of any sort. May all of you remain safe and sound.


Matt Furey

Inventory Blowout – Save BIG

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

I just returned from a week of R&R. Took a tour of the office and OMG. The place is stacked with new product and too much of some others.

We need some space in the place – and badly. So I’m having an Inventory Blowout Sale.

Go here and make sure you score a number of key life changing products for yourself and your loved ones.

This special won’t last long – so jump all over this NOW.

Phelps Does Combat Conditioning

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

The hornets are buzzing in Beijing. Michael Phelps just won his seventh gold medal of the 2008 Olympics and his 13th overall in three Olympiads. He won six in Athens in 2004, and did not place when he swam in Sydney in 2000 (yes, he was 15 then).

Mark Spitz, who apparently was not invited to these games – called Phelps historic 7th gold medal epic.” Not only did he tie Spitz mark in a single Olympics, but he did it in surreal come-from-behind fashion.

Yesterday, Rocky A., a reader of this daily email, sent me the following:

“Matt, you are my hero.  I’m not mad at you.  I’m mad at those (expletives deleted) who backbite Phelps. You may not know but I have heard from a reliable source that Phelps is a disciple in Combat Conditioning like myself.”

Twould be great to have this confirmed – and it most certainly would not surprise me – although it would make me glad.

What I do know is Phelps does what Coach Gable suggests. He doesn’t just train – he takes the time to recover.

And how does he recover. Sure, sleep is one way – but if that’s all you got – you’re gonna be sorry.

No, Phelps recovers first by doing “easy swims.” Not hard, hard work swims. Easy cool downs. The type of thing I teach in Dao Zou and the Chinese Long-Life System.

Next, he has two mammoth masseurs – er, massage therapists with him and they pound every kink and

knot out of his body in between swims.

Then there’s his 10,000 calorie per day feeding program.

Smart athletes understand how to train as well as how to recover. In China, recovery after hard training is part of the culture. In the U.S., you still have people running around with Ph.D’s trying to decide whether or not it has any value.

Well, duh. Get on a table you ma-roon – and have someone work you over for an hour or two at the end of a tough day, and maybe you’ll have your answer.

Aaah, but that’s not an official study done with rats and beakers – so it doesn’t count. It’s merely anecdotal.

Oh, so I guess the fact that 41-year old Dara Torres, now in her 5th Olympics – and the mother of a 2-year old, doesn’t count either then. It’s all sleep, right.


Dara Torres, like Phelps, has not one but TWO masseurs who take every kink and knot out of her body. And they do it while stretching her muscles as far as they’ll go – and then some. Sort of like I have done every year in China – wherein I get a combination of pressure point and muscle massage – along with adjustments of my spine and joints.

Whether you choose to do Combat Conditioning or not is up to you. But no matter how you train – or what you do for work – if you’re smart – you’ll take time to recover with slow, meditative training as well as massage, accupuncture, accupressure and so on.

Want to slow down or reverse the time clock – want to get more years and LIFE out of your living – then make doggone sure you jump on the half-off special for the Chinese Long-Life System and Dao Zou programs I’m now offering.

Go to here and order NOW.


Phelps Cheated & Other Reactions

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Wooaah Nellie. Got some interesting reactions to my emails on Chinese cheaters. Tis amazing how people can read the same words – yet see something else. My unabridged comments to follow:


You send out an email praising Communist China and slamming the free country that you live in and make your living in – – I reply with a contrasting thought – – then you remove me from your email list.

Maybe physically you are a tough guy but wow – what a lack of mental toughness. No one is allowed to disagree with Matt Furey and his opinions.

Sounds like you have been in China for too long. As a business man, you didn’t even give a personal response to a CUSTOMER from my email.

My gut feeling is you will delete this email and pretend to take the “higher ground.” However, I will look forward with anticipation to your email or phone call with a mature professional response.


MJF: Les, your gut feelings are spot on. I have deleted your email unread – and I’m not responding to it. For crying out in the morning, WHERE did I praise “Communist” China. And where did I bash the “free” country I live in. Not only that, but I don’t delete names from my list – tis not my function. My point WAS and IS – why make age a restriction. If you can compete when older than 30 or 40, why not when you’re 13 or 14. As we saw last night, the young girls from China did NOT win in the overall against 19 and 16-year olds. So the age argument from Bela Karolyi is now muted, in my opinion. If you’re good enough at 13 to win Olympic gold – you’re good enough. At the same time, I do NOT in any way, shape or form condone lying or cheating about age – if it becomes a rule. I simply don’t like the rule.


I’m a chinese who subscribe your mail.

The olympic rules of who can or can’t patiipant the game by age is a pile of shit, which was work out by a group gangster who did nothing but want to control the game. NO ONE can set who can or not compete the champoin only by age, but you american have always speak of it sinec your women’s gymnastics team lose.


Everyone on the earth know what he did in order to win the gold medel. Thrope is a example. He quit when the drug he took is baned. Phelpse falls down the ground as he walks. I prefer he is a bio-engien product. Leis and Joena and another women runer took drugs and one of them is deid. you set your rule but we not take it.


MJF: K, okay. I like you style and your expletives. Please let me know more about the gangsters involved in the age limit change. In the case of Phelps – he won six golds in 2004 – and has won six so far this year with two more on the line.

He apparently passed the drug tests in Athens. To my knowledge, this is the first accusation I’ve heard of him using banned substances. If you are right, it would be a shame. As for Marion Jones, you are right. Tragic and true.

I wish the Chinese well – and I stand by my prediction in 2001, that your country will win the most golds in this Olympics.


Are you angry with me. Or do you agree. Either way, send your comments to my office. I do NOT reply personally to each and every email – or to most. But if your email gets a chuckle or a cackle out of me – I’ll reply in this very email for ALL to read.

Matt Furey

P.S. Have you scooped up the rare Chinese products I have on my site. They’re currently listed at half-off for another day. Go here and order NOW.

Cheaters in China

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

So I’m trying to enjoy my morning breakfast. I figure a look at the sports section will be far more useful than reading about Celebrity Obama – whose already claimed victory as president of the whirled.

Yes, the gods are laughing.

No better way to fuel the opposition – and lose – than to ACT like you’re already the elected one.

This was a passing thought as I made my way to the stats on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays – er, Rays, baseball team.

While noting that the Rays won last night over the A’s, holding onto their first-place lead, I came across an article accusing the Chinese women’s gymnastics team – the gold medal winners – of cheating.

Now that is a true first – and it’s unprecedented.

No one has EVER lied in the Olympics before about anything. No one has ever taken steroids. No one has ever blood doped. And so this outrage is truly, well… outrageous.

How dare the Chinese lie. We Americans would never think of doing such a thing. Nor would the Russians. Nor the British. It’s only the French who would do such a thing.

Fact is, if the Chinese lied about the ages of three of their gymnasts, it’s not a big deal. It only matters if they get caught. Then it’s a big deal.

But I think the Chinese have some wiggle room on this one, even IF they lied.

Here are three factors that can help them squirm free:

1. The Lunar calendar.

Based on the calendar we use here in the U.S. – we’re younger than we should be. If we switched to the Chinese lunar calendar, we’d be older. These young girls, unknowingly were posting their ages based upon the lunar calendar.

2. Bump Birthday.

In China, when you are born, you are already a year old. And each year, on January 1 of the solar calendar, you automatically advance one year. This means that although my birthday is in May, on January the lst I am already another

year older.

3. Past Lives

One thing we are not allowing the Chinese haggle room on is the concept of “past lives.” In most of the world, everyone agrees and accepts reincarnation as if it’s a fact. So who are we to say that older beings from the past aren’t inside the body of these young girls. And how can we fault the body for being too young when the spirit is much older – and wiser.

Maybe Celebrity Obama or Senator McCain can help us solve this one. Perhaps they could devote some of their gabillions to an advertising campaign that will lead to hope instead of dope.

It would be a sad day for these girls if they were underaged and were from the U.S. They’d be stripped of their medals and then some.

But in China, that evil totalitarian state, how much you want to bet that these girls will be national heroes, even if they get stripped of their medals.

Under-aged Chinese Gymnasts

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Last night I watched the now “legendary” Michael Phelps rewrite history with his record-breaking tenth and 11th gold medals. Six from 2004, and five thus far in the 2008 Olympics (with three more

within range).

As great as it was to watch Phelps last night, another big story was in the women’s gymnastics team competition.

The Americans and Chinese were battling for the gold – and it came down to a matter of who made the most costly mistakes. As fate would have it – an American by the name of Alicia Sacromone – committed two huge errors – both of which cost her .8 of a point.

Yet, even if she had not committed these errors, the Chinese team still would have won by almost half a point.

Their true greatness showed in the floor routine when instead of looking like a gold medal hung in the balance, they relaxed and had fun. Having truly upbeat and inspiring music didn’t hurt either.

In the final analysis, when the great Bela Karolyi, who coached 13-year old Nadia Comanechi to 5-gold medals in Montreal in 1976, was interviewed, he claimed that the Chinese girls were not the required 16 years of age. He

stated that he believed them to be 14 or 15 years old.

Karolyi also stated that the Chinese team could cheat in regard to age because the passports are “issued by the government.” Well, who else do you suppose issues passports – the local 7-11.

Truth be told, the girls for the Chinese team may be under 16 – and if this is so, I feel it’s an injustice. At the same time I think it’s unfair to not allow someone who is 13, 14 or 15 to compete. Afterall, Karolyi must acknowledge that his claim to fame with Nadia Comanechi may never have taken place if she wasn’t 13 at the time of the 1976 Olympics.

So my opinion is as follows: Lift the ban on how old someone can be in the Olympics. Afterall, the U.S. has 41-year old Dara Torres – and Germany had a 33-year old gymnast competing.

As for Alicia Sacromone, my heart goes out to her. Yet, at the same time, I always look at things in a yin-yang sort of way. So do NOT be surprised if she redeems herself in the vault, having the time of her life as she claims Olympic gold.

In the Chinese view of things, nothing is totally black or white. For each bad thing that happens there is a corresponding good – and within each good thing, there is something tough about it.

Michael Phelps will serve as a perfect example. From now on, for the rest of his life, he will not have the privacy he once enjoyed. Tis a sacrifice he knew going into the mix – and it’s one he’s accepted. That doesn’t make it any easier, though.


Pool Sharks Spotted in Beijing

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

When I was a young swimmer growing up in Iowa, I learned to give 100% – all the time. I learned to never let up; to never give anyone an edge at anytime.

Unlike wrestling, swimming was a sport I found success early on. My first couple years were dismal, but after that I was virtually unbeatable for several years.

When I was at University of Iowa, when the swimming coaches saw me training in the water to rehab a sprained ankle, they were stunned. One of the coaches, Dale Henry, pulled me aside and timed me in the 25 meter butterfly.

Afterward he called me into his office and told me, “You have the ability to swim a 47 flat 100-meter butterfly.” I looked out upon the Big 10 Records posted on the wall when he said this, and to my surprise, the record stated: Mark Spitz, Indiana – 47:00.

A year later I decided to quit wrestling and go with swimming. It was a decision that only lasted a couple weeks, in part because the season had already started and the team had already been chosen. Additionally, Gable and my parents wanted me back in the wrestling room. They didn’t like the switcheroo.

Do I have any regrets about going back to wrestling or not sticking with swimming beyond age 18. No. Especially when, if I wanted to, I could join a Master’s Swim Team right here in Tampa. And who knows. Maybe I will.

At any rate, back to giving it 100% – all the time.

This was also a Gable philosophy – but if I may, let me say that in terms of your health, and in terms of turning out championships,

it isn’t always right.

There are times to give 100 percent – and there are times to back off and strategically allow others to win so that you can rest up for the BIGGER race.

In the exercise realm, those who preach hard and heavy all the time, or training to failure all the time, are, for want of a better word … fools.

This past May, in a talk at my fitness seminar, Coach Gable talked about unraveling something that had bothered him since 1972. He told how he got ahead of the Soviet wrestler, 3-0, for the gold medal match. Then he felt his opponent shut down – so he shut down. And ever since this bothered him. He could have beaten him FAR, FAR worse. Why only beat him, 3-0. In a sense, he felt like he’d failed because he failed to give 100% for the whole


Then, this year – some 36 years later – while watching a football team “shut down” in the last minute of the game – he received his answer. Sometimes it is best to shut down and WIN. Every move you make after a victory is yours increases the potential for failure.

There is a time to give 100% and a time to back off and let the fruits of your labor manifest.

The great swimmers in Beijing – Michael Phelps and company, understand this fact. They will swim a race and lose – in the preliminary rounds. All they care about is getting into the finals – when the race of your life counts the MOST.

When it comes to physical training, I believe in DAILY training – but I do NOT believe in daily training to exhaustion, to failure, or with utmost intensity. I think that is dumb and the crippled and mangled bodies of those who advocate this ideal are testament to this fact. They may get away with it for awhile, but eventually Mother Nature calls the shots and their body begins to fall apart.

This is why it is essential that you follow exercise programs that both challenge you AND help you recover. This is why it is so important to have training routines like Dao Zou and the The Chinese Long-Life System. Routines that are simple and easy – but give your body/mind what it needs to recuperate and recharge.

Make sure you pick up both of these programs today.


Matt Furey

The Michael Phelps Mindset

Monday, August 11th, 2008

If you’ve been tuning into the Olympics, you probably saw Michael Phelps win his second gold medal of the 2008 Games last night.

It happened in the freestyle relay – and WOW – what a come-from-behind victory.

The French ran out of oomph before the fight was over. Afterward, the anchor leg for the French appeared to be in a coma – not wanting to believe he just got smoked. I know the feeling – and yes, it does hurt.

As a result of the stupendous final leg of the relay, Michael Phelps dream for EIGHT Gold medals in one Olympiad is still alive.

Just saw a quote from Howard Schultz of Starbucks fame: “Who wants a dream that’s near-fetched?”

How true.

Yet, in Phelps case, his dream isn’t looking as far-fetched as others once thought.

One thing is for certain, the man is focused like a laser beam. And this level of focus does not come from lack of practice. In fact, from age 12-17, Phelps didn’t miss a day of practice. Not one. Regardless of the occasion.

How many people can say that – about anything.

When you look at Phelps you don’t just see a physical being who is in peak condition – you see the mindset of a man who refuses to let anyone else talk him out of his dreams. After he reads negative publicity saying “he can’t do it” – Phelps clips out the article and puts it in his locker for inspiration.

This is far better than listening to and believing your critics. Why not take their negativity and turn it into rocket fuel.

Tis a far better idea, me thinks.

I’m so pumped about Phelps’ second gold of this Olympics that I’m keeping my half-off special going for yet another day.

Practice Dao Zou and the The Chinese Long-Life System every single day, without fail, just as Michael Phelps does with his swimming, and you’ll change your body and your mind in seemingly mysterious ways.

Expect success – and make it happen.


Matt Furey

What Did I Do

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

The first time I went to China, way back in 1993, I brought three dictionaries, from pocket-sized to increasingly larger, with me. I also brought an 8.5 x 11 hard bound journal.

At the end of each day I took out my journal and reviewed the entire day. In a numbered format, I wrote a sentence or two to help me recall every thing I did that day.

A month later, when I returned to the U.S., I went through my journal and fleshed out my memories. It turned into hundreds of pages that I have kept under lock-and-key ever since.

Thing is, I still bring a journal with me to China and record my thoughts. In fact, I make notations in one almost every day no matter where I am.

So I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if I gave you a recap of some of the cool, amusing or interesting things I did this past week. As well as the seemingly dull or mundane. Okay, here goes:

Monday, August 4

Took Frank to football practice. It’s his fourth practice of the season. While he trained I went out on the track to practice Dao Zou. While in another world, a man walked up to me and said, “You know, I oughta trip you for wearing that Giants hat.”

“That might be the biggest mistake of your life,” I said with a grin.

Tuesday, August 5

Getting ready for my presentation at AWAI’s Web CopyWriting Seminar. They have me scheduled to speak from 9:00 A.M. to 12:30 on email. I typed out an 11-point guide to what I do and how I do it.

Called Zhannie in China to see how she’s doing.

Did 3.5 miles on the track – backwards.

Wednesday, August 6

Packed my bags to head to the Marriott for the Web CopyWriting Seminar.

When I arrived, Susan, who works in the cafe, told me that she had a headache and was totally stressed out. I asked her if she wanted a treatment. She agreed.

Walked to a quiet corner with some carpet. She laid down and I did some Chinese Tui Na. It took about three minutes, total. Afterward she slumped in the chair, totally blissed out. Looked like she’d seen the burning bush. She began to sweat heavily as she sat in the chair relaxing.

“Why am I sweating,” she asked. ‘I didn’t do anything. You did.”

I smiled and said: “Ancient Chinese secret.”

In the evening, after a meal, I used the Tui Na on two women from the AWAI Seminar. Same sort of thing happened to them, too. They went from stressed and frazzled to smiling and laughing.

Thursday, August 7

Ended up doing an extra 50 minutes for my presentation. Wanted to make absolutely sure everyone got it. Reviews were positive with many people telling me I helped them a lot. Even so, I see many ways I can do better next time.

Friday, August 8

Frank had his first day with full pads on. When I was 8, all we had was fun-n-games in the back yard. This is amazing.

Watched the opening of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. What a show. I’m sticking with my prediction from seven years ago, “China will win the most gold medals of any country

in this Olympics.”

Saturday, August 9

Spent several hours reading today as well as mentally preparing myself for some big launches next week.

Sunday, August 10

Here we are with today. And if you were wise enough to follow me this far, you may have already noted that the Chinese are winning the gold medal race right now.


Matt Furey

I Almost Got Shot

Friday, August 8th, 2008

I almost got shot the other day. And for no other reason than some people think of me as some sort of four-letter word.

No, it doesn’t start with an ‘F’ – it starts with a ‘G.’

This dirty 4 letter word is none other than ‘Guru.’ But not just in the fitness industry – in the world of Internet Marketing as well.

Thing is, many, many people have purchased Internet “how to” for years – and in a lot of cases, the material is still sitting on the shelves unused.

But instead of looking in the mirror and admitting that they didn’t even use the materials they HAD to have – they do the easy thing. They blame the guru. Metaphorically speaking, they SHOOT the guru.

Well, imagine being able to pick up ‘any’ program from your shelf (or hard drive) – that you already purchased – and turn it into a powerful machine that does for you what you wanted.

Instead of having to buy the latest and greatest, you USE what you already have in your library. You use the ‘acres of diamonds in your own back yard’ and – instead of being mad at the guru – you RISE UP. You take charge of your

life and begin enjoying all the benefits you wanted when you originally purchased the programs.

If you have even ONE program sitting on your shelf with dust on it – one program that would help you immensely, IF you dusted it off and used it – then you absolutely owe it to yourself to watch the following video.

Go here and see what this ‘man behind the scenes’ – this guru-to-the-gurus can and WILL do for you.

Matt Furey

P.S. After you watch this video I don’t think you’ll want to shoot me or any other so-called guru ever again.

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