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Psychic Self-Defense

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Oftentimes I have absolutely no concept of time.

Days seem like minutes. Especially when I’m creating something new.

And these days, when so many people are running around frazzled, fearful and totally uncertain about the state of the economy – I remain calm, cool and compassionate.

So much so that I’ve created a new product that will help you follow suit.

No more going to work feeling positive – then getting dumped on by co-workers.

No more time and energy vampires sucking the life

out of you.

No more sitting down to watch the news – then going to sleep depressed.

No more feeling like you cannot control your emotional state or destiny.

AND no more time wondering WHY you suddenly began feeling bad when you went into your day feeling so good.

YES – I’m talking about putting up a psychic shield of protection. Not just to keep negative people away from you – but to keep negative energies away, too.

YES, negative energies. If you don’t think that someone’s emotional spewing leaves traces, then why can you feel weird vibes when you enter a room that “Bad Luck Schmedlock” just left.

The answers to all these issues are now easily resolved in my all-NEW Psychic Self Defense DVD.

Go NOW and watch the preview clip about it. It’ll make you think thrice.


My Super Bowl Prediction

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Fat Americans Cannot Defend Themselves

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Are you ready to defend yourself on the street?

Not just in a fight.

But in the event of a terrorist attack – or worse.

Having a big sloppy gut with half your crack hanging out the back door – is not only a lousy excuse for being human – but an invitation to get slapped silly by those who hate this country with a vengeance.

Don’t assume that “it’ll never happen again.” Don’t assume it won’t happen near you.

Assume the worst “could” happen. Mentally picture the best – but realize that the best often comes from the worst – but ONLY if you are physically and mentally prepared to deal with it.

Today far too many Americans are complacent, sick, lame and lazy. And this sets up the perfect conditions for a crippling attack.

We’ve relied on our gadgets and gizmos FAR too long. It’s time to get the ultimate gizmo – ourselves, back into phenomenal condition once again.

WAKE UP America.

Move your body – every single day.

To help get you going, All my physical fitness and mind power programs are half-off right NOW.


Because I want to give every American a fighting chance to not only survive the tough times we’re in – but to come out of them thriving like never before.

Place your order for any of my info-products NOW. Simply type ‘2009’ into the coupon code so you receive your discount.*

Matt Furey

* This offer does not apply to fitness equipment or continuity memberships like the Furey Faithful.

Lay Off the Peanuts, Jimmy

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Just watched a clip of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter talking about his new book and how he has a PLAN for peace in the Middle East.


According to Carter terrorist groups like Hamas are completely trustworthy. And he knows this for sure, in spite of all the bad things they’ve already done – because they gave him their word.

I think Jimmy must have salmonella poisoning from all the peanuts he’s been eating.

Remember: Peanuts aren’t just a problem right now. They’ve always been a problem.

Peanuts contain an aflatoxin or mold that many believe cause cancer and other diseases. Right now they’re being blamed for salmonella poisoning – and it’s about time they get blamed for a whole lot more.

The best thing you can do is keep peanuts, peanut butter and peanut oil out of your kitchen and out of your body. You’ll be all the better for saying “No” to peanuts.

If you crave something natural, crunchy and nutritious, choose almonds, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, and pumpkin seeds. These foods will do your body a lot more good than peanuts – which aren’t even a nut.

That’s right. Peanuts are not even nuts. They’re from the legume family. And they’re not good for you.

Say no to peanuts. Say no to Carter’s latest literary fiasco.

And if you ever meet the former president, teach him the bridging exercises contained in Combat Conditioning.

The increased blood flow to his brain may help him think a lot better. It most certainly couldn’t make things worse.

Matt Furey

P.S. The money you save by saying no to peanut butter and Jimmy’s book will be substantial. This means you now have plenty of dough freed up to begin training with the best fitness program on the planet – Combat Conditioning

Get it now for half-price by typing ‘2009’ into the coupon field when you place your order.

How to Feel Positive Without Positive Thinking

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

The Verdict is IN

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

A few weeks ago I wrote you to tell you how I was giving social media like Facebook and Twitter a try.

I think I’ve been toying with them long enough now to unequivocally say – you gotta get involved.

It’s an absolute blast.

And it’s so friggin easy to put up a profile and get started that even “I” can do it.

You might think I’m a computer whiz bang – but think again. I know how to type and upload photos – and that’s about it.

Some come join the parade. Here are links to my accounts:

To become an F.O.B. – friend of Furey – go here

To get my updates on Twitter – which come each day and will even be live on Sunday at the Super Bowl – go to twitter.com/matthewfurey

All for now.

Matt Furey

P.S. I’m in such a good mood that you can take 50% off all my info products when you order. Just type 2009 into the coupon and you’ll be all set. This does not apply to the Furey Faithful as it is already deeply discounted.

One Thing You Can Still Control

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

As the Schwashingtonians do paper-and-ink sprints on Capitol Shrill –  forcing an economic REAMulus package up our behinds, you may feel helpless and weak – like there’s nothing you can do.

This feeling can easily lead to anger, rage, depression – and as we saw yesterday in California, suicide and murder.

I think we have a right to be zealous about the con job going on in Schwashington. The reamulus package they’ve prepared for us, without a condom, is destined to give our country a social disease we may never recover from.

And almost everyone in Congress is guilty of fooling around with our future – at our expense. 

You may be wondering if there is anything you can do.

Well, there is. But what you can do starts with YOU.

By that I mean that YOU begin taking control of your physicality and your psychology.

You make a commitment to strengthen your resolve and achieve the results you have for yourself and your family by getting your body in shape first. Face it, if you’re not physically and psychologically strong – you won’t have the energy to accomplish the other things you have in mind. 

And you get your body in shape by exercising your creative imagination and your body at the same time.

Chances are you already own Combat Conditioning.

But if you don’t have the world renowned Zero Resistance Living Program – then you don’t have a system in place to exercise your powerful imagination and recharge your mental batteries after they’ve been vampired by all the people you run into or talk to each day.

Without a way to recharge your mind – you will fall to pieces.


Because you’ll feel so down that you won’t get off your tush and do something to make your life and this country better.

You’ll just sit there and take it. You’ll just sit there and let them ream you.

Not sure if you realize it yet or not – but getting reamed is no damn fun.

So guard your behind. Get up and move. Imagine a better life for yourself NOW and move into it. Get the Zero Resistance Living Program NOW.

It’s currently available for 50% off in order to help as many people as possible. Just type in ‘2009’ in the coupon section when you place your order.

And if you don’t have my books, Combat Conditioning and 101 Ways to Magnetize Money – let us know and we’ll add them to your order

at no charge.

Get up and go. Act as if YOU cannot fail – and you won’t.

Matt Furey

P.S. BTW, I am not a fan of the Dems OR the Republicans – so don’t write me to tell me what an a-hole such-and-such was, yada, yada. I feel the same way about the other side.

How to Take a Crap

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

From Matt Furey’s How to Take a Crap. Go here to order.

When America Was Strongest

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

It’s an amazing fact. America – as well as all other powerful countries, were strongest when one thing was present.

Know what that one thing is (was).

One word: Wrestling.

No, not the kind shown in ‘The Wrestler.’

That resembles real wrestling about as much as teets on a boar.

Anyway, today I received two 12 x 12 wrestling mats for me to begin training my son on. Who knows. Maybe my daughter, too.

One of the mat came with a tear, which was a blessing. I only need one – and someone else will probably gladly scoop up the other for a discount.

Later today I’ll be helping my son become a better wrestler by infusing my knowledge of kung fu, chi kung and the power of Imagination into each workout.

As we train I’ll also teach him things about the Law of Practice – how talent is way over-rated, how you get what you want by moving faster than everyone else – and that you are never to feel ashamed if others deride your desire – or criticize you for rising above them.

I learned much from my days as a wrestler – even more as a martial artist – and the icing on the cake was turning what I learned into a viable career ‘off the mat.’

Want to know some of what I’ll be teaching my son, then make sure you become a member of the Furey Faithful.

Every month, a new DVD with exercises and advice you’ll never hear or see anywhere else.

As well as videos put up online in a membership site – along with a place to ask questions and get life-changing answers.

Make yourself and America strong again. Put your faith in the sport from antiquity; the sport of Lincoln.

Get on the mat again – and if you can’t wrestle – then do the exercises that wrestlers do. They’re guaranteed to get you into the best shape of your life – and FAST.

Matt Furey

Follow Me

Monday, January 26th, 2009

This Sunday I’ll be at Super Bowl XLIII – rooting for both teams.

And you can follow my LIVE commentary – as well as any photos I take of … well, you know.

How do you ‘follow me.’

By going to twitter.com/matthewfurey and getting an account for yourself – then agreeing to ‘follow me.’

Who knows – maybe I’ll follow you back so I know what YOU are doing, too.

Doesn’t cost a dime – or a penny to enroll in Twitter.

Not only that, if a man who is virtually computer illiterate can figure out how to join Twitter and use it – so can YOU.

Jump on this, my friend. Again, no charge involved and very little time.

Go to twitter.com/matthewfurey and ‘follow me.’

Matt Furey

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