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Eliminate Fatigue NOW

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

I got in at midnight last night. Twas a lot of flying, yet I’m up early and getting things done.

So you know, I flew three hours to get to Shanghai. Then from Shanghai to Los Angeles was another 11.5 hours. LA to Atlanta was another 4 hours. Followed by the final leg to Tampa – another hour.

That’s 19.5 hours of flying time – plus a 12 hour time change. And no fatigue.

Went to bed at midnight – got up at six. Got started with my day.

Matt Furey

P.S. Looking for something NEW. Then check out my new book.

Matt Furey

My New Book

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

My NEW BOOK on prosperity is finished and off to the printers.

As a courtesy to you, I’m having a special pre-publication announcement on it.

Go here and get the scoop.

Matt Furey

My Visit to Shaolin Temple Today

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Last time I wrote you I think I told you about the

pompous tour guide my brother-in-law hired

four years ago to show us the Shaolin Temple

in Henan province, China.

As soon as I met the guide my entire being

had an adverse reaction. Maybe it was the

fact that the lenses on his glasses were so

dirty I wondered if they’d ever been cleaned.

Maybe it was the fact that he had bad breath.

Or that he smelled of cigarette smoke.

But no, it wasn’t that. It was that twisted

smirky ass “I know something you don’t

attitude” that you used to get, years ago,

whenever you visited an Apple store to

ask computer or software related questions.

Naturally, there were many, many things

about the first trip that I treasured – but

one thing stuck in my craw and it wasn’t

expunged until this afternoon.

In short, the prick told me, after we

visited the Shaolin Temple grounds,

that we could NOT go to the cave

where Bodhidharma, the founder of

Shaolin kung fu, meditated for nine


In fact, he meditated so long in this

cave, and with such power, that his

impression was left on the cave wall


So naturally, being I am a connoisseur

of energy transmission, going to this

cave was supposed to be the most

important part of my trip to Songshan

mountain, where the Shaolin Temple


What irritated me most was the fact that

my brother-in-law agreed with the jerk

when he said it would take three or four

days to climb the mountain. I knew this

had to be a whopper of the greatest order –

so I began to argue and point in the direction

of the mountain.

I got nowhere with my statements, and I grew

even angrier when my brother-in-law told me

I MUST tip the guide. When I refused he gave

me his “Face, Face” – speech – telling me that

we may need the guide again sometime.

Oh, no. You mean you want to bring him into

my life a second time.

Four years later – time has healed the wounds

from the past.

I must admit, however, that this morning I played

out a great act in the Theatre of my Mind.

I pictured meeting the same tour guide at the

Temple – and he happened to be with a couple

of Americans. I said hello to the guide like we

were old friends. Then I talked to the Americans

in front of the guide.

“Isn’t this great. It’s a dream come true being able

to visit the Shaolin Temple, eh.”

“Oh yes, we’re so happy to be here.”

“I know. This is my second visit. Are you planning to

go to the cave on the mountain where Bodhidharma

meditated for nine straight years.”

“Yes, we were interested in going there. Have you been


“Well, I wanted to LAST time but I had a guide that told

me I would need three or four days to get to the top

of THAT mountain (I turn and point.”

“You’re kidding me. He said THAT.”

“I know. What a LIAR he was, huh. It’s very common in

China. Some tour guides just want to give the laziest

service so they get their dough and go home early.

So make sure you let your guide know you want to

go there. If he gives you a line, fire him. And make

sure you do NOT tip him at all.”

At this point my former tour guide is turning red in

the face – doing his best to pretend he’s playing

poker. I turn to him and wink. Then I say, “Enjoy

your journey.”

Well, I didn’t get to act this one out today – but I

did hike the mountain to the Da Mo Dong. It was a

4 Km hike – and quite steep.

It took less than an hour to get to the top – and my

brother-in-law – long since forgiven for his error –

took tons of photos of me in the cave, outside the

cave – as well as at the very top of the mountain.

In fact, he took plenty of pictures outside the temple,

inside the temple grounds – and all along the trail.

What a blessed day.

And what a wonderful time to affirm, once more:

Never give up on your dreams. Persist until you succeed.

If you get knocked down, keep getting up. The person

who continues to get up after each knockdown can

never be defeated.

And with all this in mind, let me say that I am extending

the half-off special once again, as a way of celebrating

my trip to Boddhidharma’s cave.

Go to http://mattfurey.com/giant_buddha_says.html

and order NOW.

Matt Furey

Zen Master of the Internet

A Shaolin Story & 50% Off Special

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

I’m leaving Hainan Island tomorrow to visit

two more sacred mountains in China. One

of them is Wu Tai Shan – the other Song

Shan – the site of the world renowned

Shaolin Temple.

I’ve been to the Shaolin Temple before but

had a snafu with the photos last time – as well

as the idiot tour guide who was hired without my

knowledge or consent.

Typically I don’t like or want tour guides – and

this guy four years ago helped fuel my non-desire

for any additional guides.

Let me give you the fireworks on this story.

After touring the temple grounds, the guide told

me that it was time to go back to Zhengzhou – the

capital of Henan Province, where we were staying.

I said: “Wait a minute here pal. I want to go up the

mountain to the cave where Boddhidharma sat and

meditated for nine years.”

The guide says: “Oh no, we can’t do that. It would

take three or four days to go up the mountain.”

I turned to my brother-in-law and said: “Three days

my ass. This isn’t the Himalayas.”

He replied: “Face. Face.” This meant I had better shut

up so the guide saved face.

“Face… my ASS,” I said. “I want to go to the cave and this

jerk is lying to us because he’s too freaking lazy.”

“Mei wenti,” he says – “no problem.”

My brother-in-law then told me that I better tip the guy

for his time.

“I am NOT tipping this guy,” I said. “He’s been the worst

guide I have ever seen. He’s pompous. He’s arrogant. He

thinks he’s something special because he knows more

about the Shaolin Temple than I do.”

“You must tip him,” he said.

“No way,” I posture.

“Face. Face. Remember, we may need the connection

next time.”

“HAAAA. With connections like this I’d rather have no


“Face. Face,” he says again.

“How bout this guy show ME some face,” I said. “I’m the

guy paying him. Why should I be showing his mangy mug


Fifteen minutes later, after a meal softened me a bit – I

gave the chump 50 Renminbi – but as I handed it to him

I looked the other way, making zero eye contact.

“Xie xie,” he says. Thank you.

I said: “No thanks.” Then I looked at my brother-in-law

and said, “No next time. I don’t EVER want you to get

me another tour guide.”

Re-telling this story makes me feel good. Mostly because

I haven’t had a tour guide in four years, and have done

fine. And this trip will be no exception.

I feel so GOOD about telling this story that I’m extending

my 50% off special another day. And when I get to Wu

Tai Shan and Song Shan I promise to get some more

awesome pics for you to see.

Go to http://mattfurey.com/giant_buddha_says.html

and order NOW.

Matt Furey

1 Night in Bangkok

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

It’s good to know someone was worried about me.

I was in Thailand for a week – riding elephants in

Chiang Mai, getting Thai massage, eating way too

much (the change in food gave me a 2-day bloat),

watching some Thai boxing (from kids through

adults) – and so on.

I had a blast – in part because I was without email,

internet or cell phone. I didn’t do anything I’m used

to doing – other than exploring the unknown.

Whilst in Bangkok on the evening of July 6 – I walked

into a bar and was immediately greeted with a smile

from an American officer, Terry, whose expression

told me he may know me.

He said: “I can’t believe it. 30 minutes ago I just finished

doing the Royal Court – now I’m meeting the man who

wrote the book. My boys are going to love this – as well

as all the guys from camp who follow your program.”

He offered to buy me a drink. I obliged – asking for a

bottled water.

We spent a half hour talking about Thailand and other

parts of southeast Asia; then I gave him a few variations

of the exercises in Combat Conditioning to put into practice.

He was so grateful for the time we spent talking that I took

out a sheet of paper and autographed it for him and his two

boys – making sure I included the place (Bangkok) and the

date and time.

Now I’m back in China and in full force. And this reminds

me that I forgot to tell my webmaster, Ed Baran, to stop

the half-off celebration that I began before the 4th of July.

And so, for the next day, I’m going to keep it going. It’s a

half-off event – so make sure you jump in today and get

something wonderful for yourself.

Go to http://mattfurey.com/giant_buddha_says.html

and order NOW.

Matt Furey

P.S. Yes, you can even get the world famous Combat

Conditioning at half-price – and this is the first time

in 9 years in which I have offered it at a discount. So

jump in now while the jumping is gooood. Go to http://mattfurey.com/giant_buddha_says.html

and order NOW.

A Message from Thailand

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

I’ve been in Thailand – the Land of Smiles – for the past

week – having a blast.

While doing so I haven’t sent an email or even looked at

email in days. Nor have I had a single phone call or text

message. And so, although I enjoy a four-hour work day –

the reality is that quite often my workday is less than four

hours – or non-existent.

How am I able to succeed on so little effort.

It’s called leverage. Leverage of time. Leverage of effort and

leverage of resources.

For example, before I left for Thailand, I did a series of emails

that raked in a fortune – and none of them took me more than

a few minutes to write.

The good news is that now you can find out how I do what

I do – i.e. making a fortune with email. Be sure to click the

link below and see what I mean.


Matt Furey

Zen Master of the Internet

P.S. The link listed above will lead you to a page wherein I

reveal how I’ve privately taught my unique email method

to many other Internet fortune-makers. You can be next.

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