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Only 87 spots left

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

I’ll be quick.

Got a very busy day will all the new Members of the Furey Faithful.

Which reminds me to remind you (if you’re not already IN) – there are only 87 spots left at the current fee as well as the current bonuses – which are HUGE!

One of them includes a fitness seminar with yours truly – and it will easily exceed the value of the entire program many, many times over.

So take one small step forward, my friend, and watch in awe as it becomes a quantum leap onward.


Matt “Coach” Furey

P.S. Been getting emails from Members who are already out of shoulder and back  pain – within days of joining. Others have reported increased energy (skyrocketing) as well as an overall feeling of harmony. Gotta love it.

121 to Go

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Time is ticking.

Membership in the Furey Faithful is going to double very soon.

The current plan is to take 121 more people at the current fee – then it goes up.

{Note: If you’ve already enrolled – congratulations. Glad you’re in the group.]

If you’ve been straddling the fence, let’s drop the procrastination thing for the next minute and get you on board.

Members are raving about the site and all that’s already on it.

And when they see what goes up next – they’re going to be beyond ravenous.

It’s awesome to see people getting results so fast in my “gym without walls.”

It’s fantastic to see members from around the globe: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Chile, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Thailand and so many more.

And of course, there’s TEXAS. Sort of its own country within a country. A hearty welcome to y’all.

Those of you who live elsewhere in the U.S., I love you, too. It’s always a thrill for me to see where a member is from.

Although I live in Florida, I feel a special fondness for all those from the midwest who come on board – as well as Pennsylvania and California – two other states I’ve lived in before settling in the sunshine state.

The cool thing is no matter where you live – there’s no more waiting for the information I have for you to be sent by mail.

You get it NOW – instantly – and when I put up something new – I notify you – and you go watch it or read it again – pronto – immediatemente – or as the Chinese say: xian zai.*

It boggles the mind. In 1987, when I first began training people professionally, i had a gym with walls. There was little ability to reach others outside of where I lived.

Even so, in the summers, people traveled across the country to train with me.

Today, my “gym” is outdoors, in a park. My wife films me – just like when we started many moons ago – and then presto – the videos are ALIVE for members all over the whirld to download and enjoy.

What a way to live. All of us. Ya gotta love it.

Anyway, time is of the essence. Make sure you’re one of the last 121 to get into my ” school” before the fees go up dramatically.


Matt “Coach” Furey

P.S. * Xian zai is Chinese for “now.”

208 Left – then it Doubles

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Good morning. This is Matt Furey’s ‘alter ego’ – otherwise known as ….



Okay, so it’s actually ME writing you.

No, I don’t pay someone to write my emails.

Nor do I pay anyone to write the jaw-dropping content that goes up in the FureyFaithful.com Member’s site.

Nor do I have look-allkes (heaven forbid) do my videos. Or sound-alikes do my audios.

I do it all – and Ed Baran, my webmaster, does the rest.

A few moments ago I sent a private email to my Furey Faithful list about a subject I call “Look at Me vs. Here I AM.”

I go into great detail about a fundamental difference I see in the fitness whirld.

The “Look at Me” masses vs. the “Here I AM” solitary figures.

And then I refer all members to my recently added videos that quickly take you into another orbit, helping you feel balanced and centered and harmonized instead of uptight, tense and stressed.

Think about it, would you rather live everyday in “fight or flight” – or would you rather calmly glide through each day, regardless of what is going on in the very distrubed “world.”

Yes, there is a difference between the world (full of worry” and  “the whirld” – (full of whir).

When you’e a member of “the whirld” – you’re in the world or worries – but not of it. You beat the sound of your own drums.

And as of right now, the sound I’m hearing in my whirld, is that of  208 more DOERS who want to jump in to the Furey Faithful before the fee doubles.

Many of the bonuses and discounts, including a seminar with “yours truly” will vanish after the next 208 DOERS enroll.

So NOW is the TIME, my friend, to become a whirld-wide, whirld-recognized member of the Furey Faithful.

As a member you get thousands and thousands and thousands of Renminbi* worth of content.

You also get 12 months worth of updates that’ll make you feel like a stud or studette.

Grab onto your seat – and latch your seatbelt as well because it’s going to be one sensational ride.


Matt “Coach” Furey

P.S. For those of you who could care less, Renminbi (or yuan) is the Chinese term for their paper currency. Truth be told. whether we’re talking Chinese or U.S., the term “thousands” still applies when it comes to value being delivered. Make sure you’re one of the  next 208.

Preacher Loses 130+ Pounds

Friday, September 19th, 2014

This morning I met with, Fred, a Furey Faithful member who used to weigh over 400 pounds. In fact, the scale he got on to check his weight at the Doctor’s office MAXED out at 400.

He estimates that he was 10 or 20 pounds over the 400 pound maximum.

Fred was astounded recently when I heard his story and told him I’d like to meet him – and see with my own eyes the progress he’s made.

I wasn’t doubting him.

I believed him – but I also sensed something was off that needed to be adjusted.

Shortly after meeting Fred, I noted that his right ankle was weak and his shoulder was also injured. It’d been hurting for over a year, he said.

I gave him a couple easy exercises that felt like no big deal to him, and to his astonishment, the pain vanished.

My friend, that gives you one of the reasons why I felt I needed to return to the whilrd of health and fitness. I believe I’ve got waaaay more to offer than I ever did in the past – and it’s awesome to observe the results in person – or remotely.

In the near future I’m going to have Fred in a video for all Furey Faithful members to see. It’ll be awesome.

Also, a quick update on the “double or nothing” plug I gave for the site.

I’m going to keep the fee for the Furey Faithful at the incredibly low amount it is at right now for a bit longer – but there’s just no telling when the tide will turn.

It may be tonight, or tomorrow – or next week.

That’s why I’d make sure you get in at the dumbfoundingly* low fee currently being listed – because it WILL double soon.

And don’t forget that this fee also includes a seminar where you and I will get to meet, in person, just like Fred and I did this morning.


Matt “Coach” Furey

P.S. Fred has another 30-40 pounds to go, he says, and I intend to help him shed it with ease. As a member of the Furey Faithful you’ll get access to the exercises and info that are helping him do it.

P.P.S. Yes, I know that dumbfoundedly is NOT an actual word, but it is NOW, according to the Fure-cat. Lots more just like that one in the FureyFaithful.com member site.

Double or Nothing

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

The more I speak to new members of the Furey Faithful, the more I realize the amount to “come aboard” is waaaay to low.

So I’ve decided to double the price.

Right now, there’s still time to enroll at the “beyond belief” fee being charged.

But very soon, it’s going to at least double – if not triple.

Tons of NEW, never-before-scene content going up this week – as well as “all year long.”

Jump on this NOW, my friend. You’ll be glad you did.


Matt “Coach” Furey

P.S. It’s well worth your while to take a look at the avalanche of priceless information coming your way over the next 12 months. Go see what I’m talking about.

Your Check-up from the Neck Up

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Over a span of many years, I worked with a number of athletes who came to me with pain and stiffness all over their bodies.

After watching them move for a very brief period, it didn’t take a stroke of genius to see what some of the major contributing factors were.

One of the biggest was their inflexiblity in the spine. Whether we’re talking about the cervical, thoracic or lumbar vertebrae, these athletes never really
trained them.

What’s more – most of them have zero clues as to why it was important – and how it could help their performance.

But as soon as the understood the value – their performance improved. So can yours – even if you don’t consider yourself and athlete.


Well, let’s see. The spine is the center of your body. All movements in sports or martial arts that are rotational or directional, cannot be done without the spine. Whether you’re pushing, pulling, twisting, rolling, jumping or spinning, try doing it with a kink in your neck or back.

One seemingly tiny knot in the side of your neck makes a big difference when it comes to mobility. Everything about your game is thrown off.

Same goes for lower back pain – or pain anywhere else along the spine.

So think of this: How much sense does it make to NOT be regularly training the spine?


Even so, most people just don’t get it because they’ve never FELT or experienced the benefits of having a neck and back that are looser, more flexible and consequently, more powerful.

As for those who aren’t competitive athletes, many think of their neck and back as something the doctor can help them with… when something goes wrong. And it does for about 80% of Americans. Not good odds.

Yet, experience shows me that the more time I spend exercising my neck with gentle, free-flowing Chi movements, the more I enjoy every part of my day.

Here are some of the many benefits – just to training the neck (I’ll cover the rest of the spine later on):

1. Increased range of motion in the neck, traps, shoulders and hips. Yep, the neck bones are connected to much more than “the neck.” Much of the tension and pain you have in your shoulders and traps directly ties into your neck. The more you train your neck, the more everything else in your body gets looser along with it.

2. Increased mental clarity and alertness. Who’d a thunk that exercising your neck would benefit your brain? The idea is preposterous. NOT.

3. Improved glandular function. You have three of your seven endocrine glands from the neck up: Thyroid, pineal and pituitary. None of those glands are important, right? Wrong. And moving your neck with a systematic exercise program may just “wake you” and your body up at a whole new

4. Greater creativity. Nah, couldn’t be? Well, my experience is as follows: Increased blood flow to the brain equals a sharper, more creative mind.

There are many more benefits I can give – but I think you get the idea.

If you want to get the maximum out of life, you need to regularly train your neck. You need to continually give yourself a “check up from the neck up.”

I start my day with a series of standing neck exercises. And I’d love to teach them to you so that your days FLOW, too.

They make a HUGE difference in how you feel as well as how you perform.

These exercises will be going up later this week on the Furey Faithful member’s site.

All my students are going to go “ape” over these exercises. I’d love for you to be one of those who benefits as well.

Over the next 12 months, there’s going to be a ton more added to the member’s site – and there’s already thousands in value on the site already.

And each and every month, the content that goes up will easily equal (if not exceed) the annual fee. This means you’ll literally be getting at least the value of the membership.

Make sure you “take advantage” of this offer NOW, my friend.

Your neck – and the rest of your body/mind will thank you for doing


Matt “Coach” Furey

P.S. Make sure you read the offer on the site because there’s a seminar you can attend for no charge that’s currently available to those who “seize the day.” Be one of them.

Move Slower – Get Better Faster

Monday, September 15th, 2014

“If you want to get faster, you need to move faster.”

The statement above represents a common belief you see being advocated today in most fitness and athletic circles.

I think it’s B.S.

Moving faster is ONE way to get faster – and it’s a valid method.

But it’s NOT the ONLY WAY to get faster.

It’s not far removed from the belief that the ONLY way to get stronger is by lifting weights.

Last July, after a baseball game ended, I heard a coach telling the players that they had six weeks off before fall ball began.

“You guys need to live in the weight room,” he advised.

The coach adamantly believes that the key to being a better hitter and pitcher is weight training. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Yet, because that’s the only whirld this coach understands – based upon his knowledge base, he’s “right.”

As a practitioner of internal martial arts, I’ve worked with men and women who look like an “average” Joe and Jane – yet they have incredible strength and power.

Their balance keeps their bodies aligned. They’re never out of position so the strength and power flows through their structure with ease.

At the same time, these men and women have allowed their breathing, their focus and their ability to relax be the keys to
greater strength. Nothing is forced.

I remember one day when I was training in China with my teacher, Master Liu. One of his students was a thin, wiry looking woman of about 45 years. He first had me watch her train. My oh my, was she ever graceful.

Liu remarked how she had a lot of power, but from the outside, she looked soft and flowery. When she finished her routine he had me stand before her. He positioned her “soft” palm on my upper chest.

He asked me what it felt like.

“A heavy stone,” I replied. “Very heavy.”

This was a huge awakening for me.

You can look soft but be very strong. At the same time, you can look strong and be weak.

Oddly enough, many people you see with the big strong “look” – aren’t really strong. They just look like they are.

Over the past several years, behind the scenes, I’ve trained in a completely different manner than when I first came out with Combat Conditioning.

The goal is no longer doing 500 Hindu squats in under 15 minutes – or cranking out a ton of pushups – or holding a bridge for several minutes.

There’s nothing wrong with having the above as goals – and I’m all for it if you do.

But for me the goal is not what I can do on the outside. It’s what I can do INSIDE.

Can I adjust my spine, shoulders, elbows, ankles, knees, wrists and ribs – by myself as I train?

Can I feel my tendons, ligaments, muscles and spine as I train?

Can I adjust my breathing as I train to make myself calmer, more powerful and more connected?

Can I do what I used to do (let’s call that Combat Conditioning 101) with 90% less effort?

Can I get stronger and healthier and more flexible – and appear to be growing younger – by training my tendons and “energy” body more than my “physical” body?

The answers to all the above are … YES.

So now it’s time to bring people a WAY of training that goes beyond my earliest courses. As good as they were and ARE – what I have to offer NOW is way, way better.

I think of my training as a WAY of Strength through Relaxation. If I am relaxed, then the strength, flexibility and so on take care of themselves.

At any given point, I can still demonstrate the exercises that gave me a measure of fame and fortune – and I do from time to time for those who must “see to believe.”

For example, members of the Furey Faithful wanted to know if I could still bridge and touch my nose.

So I created a video of me quickly getting into a “lips-to-the-mat” bridge and put it up on the Member’s site.

Okay, great. But what I have to teach my students NOW, is in my
opinion, far more important.

Later this week, my students will see and learn from several videos that demonstrate how to get a flexible, pain-free and strong neck – by doing a series of flowing Taoist longevity exercises I learned in China.

All of these exercises are done standing on your feet. All of them are done slowly. Nothing is done fast. Yet, improvements come fast.

How can that be?

Well, when you’re most relaxed, you’re most powerful, in anything that you do.

Show me a powerful golf swing, and it has to be a relaxed, effortless swing.

Same goes with the way I train today.

I’m looking forward to passing this knowledge on to my students. And it would be really, really cool, if you’re one of them.

We had so many new members enroll last week that we had to get a new server for all the videos. Their exuberance literally shut down the system for a few hours.

Now that we have that fixed, I’m getting blasted with questions. Really good questions, I might add.

Anyway, due to the number of questions flying my way, I’m going to limit the number of new students I can take each month. Right now, I think we can handle another 200 – but then we’ll need to take a breather for a brief integration period.

So here’s the situation: If you want to get started now with my new program, then jump on this offer right away. Remember, beginning is half-done. Getting started is more than half the battle. So if you feel the urge to get going on this NOW – then go with that urge.

Don’t delay – do it To-Day.


Matt “Coach” Furey

P.S. The benefits of enrolling in the Furey Faithful (aka the Matt Furey Inner Circle) are enormous. We’re talking about 12 solid months of digitally delivered videos and more – that you aren’t going to get anywhere else. Additionally, those who get in under the deadline will be able to attend my next Longevity Seminar for no charge. That alone is worth 10X the fee to be a member. Enroll today.

Why We Get Old Too Young

Friday, September 12th, 2014

There are many factors that contribute to people getting older far too young.

One of the most obvious factors is the lack of movement. If you sit or lie around all day, every day, your body is going to get old really fast. As the saying goes, “Rest is rust.”

But the polar opposite is also true.

Most people who exercise do so in a way that accelerates the aging process. Look at marathon runners and you’ll see what I mean. And if that’s not convincing, take a gander at former athletes. Many of them are “shot” in their 30’s and 40’s.

Most peoples’ bodies are full of tension to begin with – and they add to it by training in a way that creates even more.

On top of this, most people who exercise don’t know much about “recovery” after training. About all they can tell you is, “Get some sleep and eat plenty of good food.”

That’s not how you recover, my friend. There are many ways to recover fast that have nothing to do with food or sleep.

Almost everyday I work with someone who is either under-exercised or who trains with no way to release the tension that is causing him or her to age so fast.

Adding years to your age doesn’t mean you need to get older.

You can get younger as you get older – giving yourself the ability to do the things you did as a youth – only better. 

In my yearly voyages to China, I’ve met seemingly countless numbers of men and women who are defying the aging process.

And now, I’m teaching what I’ve learned to a select number of men and women who realize there’s more to aging than knowing what year it is and comparing it to the date you were born.

Chronilogically speaking, I’m in my 50’s – but those who’ve been around me are continually amazed at how I look as well as what I can do.

It’s my mission to help people defy the aging process. Why not be one of them?

Become a member of the Matt Furey Inner Circle today – and let me coach you out of the downhill slide.

Grow Younger today – astound your friends tomorrow.


Matt Furey

P.S. Those who enroll in this program over the weekend are guaranteed a ton of bonuses, including a LIVE LONGEVITY SEMINAR. Make sure you’re in the loop.



Top 3 Reasons You Get Nothing Accomplished

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Sometimes the best way to teach someone what to do is by revealing the polar opposite. In this case, instead of learning how to get things done – let’s look at how to get nothing accomplished.

Yes, let’s look at three seemingly valid reasons you don’t achieve your goals – and none of them, conveniently, are your fault. None of them have anything to do with YOU.

The way I see it, there’s nothing you cannot accomplish provided you do ONE THING.

“What’s that?” you ask.

“Identify and systematically eliminate all distractions.”

That’s right. Once you’ve freed yourself of all distractions, what else is there for you to do? You’re down to one thing staring at you, nudging you to “get ‘er done.”

Okay, so what would I classify as a distraction?

Well, do you want me to be brutally honest or soft-pedal the answer to be politically correct?

Brutally honest, you say. Alrighty then, here goes the list of distractions/reasons you can’t get anything major (or minor) accomplished:

1. Family – uh oh, that wasn’t very nice, was it? But it’s the truth. You’d have all your goals accomplished 100x over if it wasn’t for your parents, spouse, teenagers, middle schoolers, toddlers and babies.

So blame your family. They got in your way. They’re the biggest reason you’re getting nothing done.

2. Social Media – well, that was nicer than blaming your family – but come on, you love chit-chatting and posting your opinions, pictures, videos and so on – and people like it. Don’t they? Okay great. How much of what you contribute is helping you get what you want out of life?

3. Television and talk radio – just think how much you’d get done each day if you didn’t have to watch your favorite program or listen to two or three hours of radio?

Okay, so now you know the top 3 reasons – but there are millions more. These are what I’ve observed to be foremost in helping you accomplish the least.

So what to do about these distractions? How do remove ‘family’ as a distraction? And social media? And television/radio?

It’s really quite simple.

In fact, the “way out” of the mess is so easy most people won’t pay it any head. Only those who want wisdom and the rewards that go with it.

So you need to make a decision to either “get smart” – or live your life on everyone else’s terms.

And the answer isn’t to get rid of your family, to stop using social media and throw out your tee-vee.

Ahhh, you can breathe. Feels good, eh?

Alright, so what’s the answer then?

The answer is contained in the following Fureyism: 

“Anything you’re not getting done, anything you think is too difficult, can be accomplished with far greater ease if you’ll do two things: One, go to bed. Two, get up at least an hour before anyone else in your home.”

Additional details: When you get up, you exercise for 15-30 minutes to get your engine humming, then you sit down and work on your goal in total silence.

This means: No tee-vee. No Internet. No Facebook. No Twitter. No checking emails. No text messaging. No radio. And no music.


My friend, let me tell it to you straight. If going to bed earlier and getting up before everyone else doesn’t work for you – then there’s a very good chance that nothing will.

Now, a confession.

For much of my adult life, I refused to follow the advice spelled out above. I went to bed late and I was definitely NOT “early to rise.”

Then one day I came to a startling realization. For the first time in my life, I had goals that weren’t getting accomplished.

I got up when my wife and children got up. Then I had other “obligations.” And then some more. And on and on.

By the end of the day, I’d helped everyone else except myself.

So I got to thinking about all the “monks” and “nuns” of all religious faiths and spiritual traditions, wherever they may be, all over the whirld (God loves the way I spell that word), and how they got up EARLY in the morning.

3 AM.
4 AM.
5 AM.

Some even earlier.

And what did they do at that hour?

They took care of their mind/body/spirit in some way.

The Tendai marathon monk, Sakai Yusai, who ran 1,000 marathons in 7 years – was declared a Living Buddha – but asked to be challenged again – the second time running 1,000 marathons in 6 years – got up before 3 AM – showered in a freezing cold waterfall (much harder than the ice bucket challenge), donned his robe and began to run the mountains of Mt. Hiei, in Kyoto, Japan.

How many marathons would he have run if he started at noon? Or 3 PM?

So after pondering this, I started going to bed much, much earlier. Not midnight or 1 or 2 AM.

And I got up at least a couple hours before anyone else in the house.

Guess what happened?

Got my workout and my reading and my meditation/visualization done before anyone else opened their eyes.

The rest of the day was a bonus for doing something rewarding early on.

I took care of number one – and when that was complete – I had time to take care of the other “number one’s” in my life.

This means your family is NOT a distraction – unless you run your life on their schedule.

It means social media is not a distraction – provided you use it to achieve your goals instead of using it to hide from them.

And tee-vee and talk radio – well, so long as you take them in spurts – and you’ve got what’s important to you done “for the day” – then no problem.

So I guess Kipling was right when he said, “There are six million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse.”

Go to bed earlier. Get up before anyone else in your house. Start your day with exercise – the very best are what I teach to members of the Matt Furey
Inner Circle

Why? Because you don’t need to go anywhere. You start where you are – at home – with just YOU and your own Bodyweight.

Put some petro in your tank first with exercise – then you’ll have plenty of fuel for the rest of the day. You’ll be happier and more productive – as well as an inspiration to others who’d like a bit of your wisdom.

So you have a choice – Wisdom or Whizdum.

What’s it gonna be?


Matt “Coach” Furey

P.S. Just heard from a lady who learned my Neck Chi Kung exercises a few days ago. She’s down 7 pounds already with no change in diet. How can that be? Well, I told you a few days ago that your thryroid gland is in your neck. So perhaps that has something to do with it. Ya think? The full set of these neck exercises will be going up on the Matt Furey Inner Circle very soon.

Humor: Mispelingz that Make Cents

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Received many tremendous emails over the last few days – most of which complimented me on the direction I’m taking with exercise, health and fitness. Had a few that were less than flattering. Goes with duh territory.

For example, yesterday a man wrote to ‘splain a thing er two about writing copy. Here’s his note:

Hello Matt,I like your Inner Circle ad — and you have many great points — but whoever wrote it for you needs a spell checker.  Better yet — get a human to proof-read your ads.  You will get a lot more respect for your product.  For example, the word “world” is misspelled as “whirld” several times — and what is “abs of reel”?  For your new play on words – don’t you mean “abs of real” — like the “real” thing.Anyhow — just trying to make a great ad better.Rich

My reply: All misspellings or deliberate!!! Tru dhat!
Sent from Eye-fone

Ya know, I got to thinking about Rich’s email. As enticing as being “professional” in my spelling iz – I opt out of his para-dime.

Here’s why: It takes a bit of genius to deliberately misspell a word. Most people misspell words because they can’t spell. But a trade mark of higher thinking means you forego the neurosis of pleezing English teachers and get on with the bizness of doing what flows.

Now, as much as I like Rich, he oughta examine a couple companies that are doing berry, berry well.

Like Chick-fil-a.

Shouldn’t the name of this franchise be spelled correctly? Not
to mention all their billboards.

Damn – the copywriter oughta be fired. Everyone knows it should read “Chick Filet.”

And then there’s Wendy’s. The joint should be called “Windy’s” because the food blows. Hehe.

Then there’s Publix Super Markets. Another misspelled company.

And Dick’s Sporting Goods. To be politically correct – I’d spell it Dix – otherwise some people might get the wrong idea.

Whole Foods would be much more interesting if it were “Hole Foods.”

CarMax should really be KarlMarx.

Quicken Loans should be Quicker Loans.

And so on.

Let’s face facts: English is a brutally stupid language. It’s so bad it causes most people who could be writers to give up because a teacher pick-nitted her to death instead of inspiring her to be more CR8IV.

I also find it funny that Rich ass-umes someone else wrote my horrible copy. Nope. All the type-o’s – are mine. I claim them. I love them.

Okay, well, what about the term “Abs of Reel?”

Didn’t I really mean abs of “real” – as my friend proposed?

The answer: NO.

I meant “reel” – as in “reeling” – a term widely used by practitioners of Chinese internal martial arts.

Again, you gotta be broad-minded here. I know it’s not easy to ponder outside the potty, but it’ll do you and others a lot of good when the bowel retentiveness flows into the “John” instead of staying lodged within.

Now, to balance things out a bit – here’s another email I got yesterday:

Dear Matt,
One morning I was sitting at my kitchen table reading your latest email post where you referenced “The Tao of Email Marketing.” This piqued my interest because at the time I was at the beginning stages of starting an online self defense course with one of my former students. One of my problems was writing copy. I always felt like I was spinning my wheels – when I sat down to write, nothing would come out.After reading the sales letter I decided to order “The Tao of Email Marketing.” As soon as it arrived I put the CD into the player. When listening to CD #2, the light went off in my head when you revealed one of your secrets. Now I feel like I’m on a roll – the words just keep pouring out of me.  I can’t write fast enough to keep up.

What a great feeling.

Writing really is EASY when you know how. Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on other products I found online and most of them fell short on their promises. Even after reading your emails and sales letters I was skeptical. I wasn’t convinced you could help me. I’m not sure why I changed my mind and it doesn’t matter because taking action turned out to be the right thing.

Whoever said, “The teacher appears when the student is ready” was right.

I also purchased “Theater of The Mind” and I couldn’t be happier. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Best regards,
Ed Bishop

P.S. – By the way, this letter took 12 minutes to write, just like you promised in your email copywriting course.

MJF: That’s awesome, Ed. Continued flow and success to you. But I am a bit disappointed that you had ZERO tie-poz in your email. Dang-nabit.Well, my friend, it’s all good. Cheers to Rich and Ed. You gave me something fun to do for “this-here” email.

P.S. – By the way, this letter took 12 minutes to write, just like you promised in your email copywriting course.
MJF: That’s awesome, Ed. Continued flow and success to you. But I am a bit disappointed that you had ZERO tie-poz in your email. Dang-nabit.Well, my friend, it’s all good. Cheers to Rich and Ed. You gave me something fun to do for “this-here” email.Yours,Matt “Coach” FureyP.S. BTW, Ed, you spelled Theatre wrong. And Rich, proofread doesn’t need a hyphen. C – I can be a Dix, too.

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